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Could Your Customer Testimonials Be a Blog Post?

One of the things I’m asked all the time is “Where can I get more blogging content for my business blog?” Well, you may already have some blogging content gold in your inbox right now! They’re your customer testimonials!

Are you a travel agent? Perhaps you had a client go on a trip that completely knocked their socks off and they sent you a glowing e-mail about how awesome you and your business are. Why not use that testimonial to share the trip with your potential and current customers? Who knows? It could yield additional bookings for that same experience.

Maybe you’re a hair stylist who made someone’s day because you did their hair just perfectly for their wedding day. That should be featured! Bonus points if you get permission from the client to share the images of how awesome their hair looked!

Pro tip: Always ask permission before sharing images and/or words your clients give you

Another example could be a personal trainer or nutritionist who helped their clients get to their goal weight. These amazing results should be shared to inspire new people to sign with you.

I’m sure you’re starting to see the point I’m trying to make – testimonials as blog content not only show off how awesome you and your business are, they also:

  1. Show people real results that they too can have if they work with you
  2. Give you a way to showcase products and services that people might not even realize you offer
  3. Provide you with content that practically writes itself

How can you get some glowing testimonials?

Ask for them! Every time you work with a client, ask for feedback. Sure, the reviews they give you may not always be awesome, but getting feedback never hurt anyone. You want to make your business better don’t you? Consider any type of feedback a win-win.

– If they love you BOOM instant blog content

–  If they didn’t love you BOOM opportunity to grow and improve

You’re welcome!

Mixing testimonials in with your current blog content calendar can give you a reprieve when you’ve got writer’s block, and it could also inspire additional content topics. And just like that, your business blog got a little better.


Blog Post Ideas for Salons

I decided I want to start sharing blog post ideas for a variety of businesses. Something about just keeping these ideas in my head is starting to make me feel as though I could explode. I often will see a business owner, and hear him/her complain about how to engage with potential customers. What immediately starts happening is my mind begins racing with all kinds of ideas that they could use to blog about and share in their newsletters, on their website, possible even transform into an eBook or eCourse….this is just how my creative mind works. James Altucher said that ideas are like a muscle that needs to be worked out. If you don’t use it you lose it, so he recommends writing a list of 10 ideas a day.

Is your salon blog stale? Here are some great blog post ideas for salon owners

With that in mind, I’m going to flex my idea muscles even more. Who knows? This could turn into a fun and exciting eBook or pamphlet for my ghostwriting clients! Without further ado…here is my first set of ideas- Blog Post ideas for Salons

  1. About your salon – when did you open, where did you open, why did you open, and who do you run it with?
  2. Spotlight on your staff, or even one spotlight per staff member. What a great way to encourage your staff members sharing your website on their own social media pages! Many people love to have their moment in the spotlight. And, most folks enjoy recognition from their employers.
  3. The services you offer. Often times, I see a mundane list of services offered on a salon’s website. What I mean by mundane is it just lists the name of the service and the price. I want to know more. What will I enjoy during the service? For example, don’t say wash, cut and style. Instead, tell me about how my service will begin with a luxurious shampooing and a consultation with my stylist about the right cut for my face. Then, after my hair is nice and clean, I’ll be whisked away to my chair where my hair will be magically transformed and finished off with a wonderful blow dry and styling. Example two – if your salon gives pedicures, explain how important pampering is for our tootsies. Tell me about the foot massage I’ll enjoy, and why proper foot care is so important.
  4. Milestone events. Tell your readers about your anniversaries! Share lessons learned after 500 haircuts. Explain how grateful you are for serving your 100th customer in your new location. Share the joyous news of your new spouse of baby on the way. People crave relationships and love working with those they feel they have a connection with.
  5. What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should someone visit you instead of the guy down the road? What special extras do you offer that would make someone feel appreciated as a customer?
  6. Share your specials! Is it your salon’s anniversary? Celebrate with a sale on all of your products. Or, perhaps you could have an open house party and write about that. Then, after the party do a follow-up post and share the images from the night.
  7. Top 10 cuts for a round face, or top 12 styles for your wedding. There is a reason lists are so popular on blogs – the public eats them up!
  8. Quick styles for date night. You could even do a video tutorial on your blog for easy styles people can do at home. Now, I know what you might be thinking – I want them to come IN to my salon. That’s great, but building a relationship with your readers is what will make them loyal customers. Show you’re the expert on hair care!
  9. Hair care tips. I love this one because personally, after I get a hair cut, I love learning how to keep my hair looking as healthy as it did when I got it done. I want to know how to make it shinier and more vibrant. Your customers might want the same!
  10. My final idea that I’ll post today is a round up post of your favorite styling tools. What are your must haves? A flat iron? A curling iron? Combs or brushes? Bonus idea – mention styling tools that you are selling in your shop. Or, if you aren’t selling tools in your shop, get an Amazon Affiliate account and link to the tools there to earn a commission.

There you have it folks – my first post of blog post ideas. I enjoyed doing this post so much that I’m definitely going to be doing a LOT more of them. Do you have an industry you want me to post about? Leave me a comment below and tell me about it!