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Upcycled Halloween Crafts with Citrus Magic

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a sucker for a fun craft project. Though this post is sponsored by Citrus Magic, the ideas, opinions and images below are my own. Check it out!

I wanted to do an upcycle project, because I love, love, LOVE taking something that would ordinarily be garbage and transforming it into something super fun! I’ve been looking at my Citrus Magic Solid Air Fresheners since I got them, and have been thinking about the fun things I could do with the white containers once the product inside had dried up and the containers were ready to be thrown away.

Inspiration suddenly struck while I was watching videos on Youtube about how to decorate for Halloween. Pumpkins! Yes! That’s what these sexy containers would be transformed into. And, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought orange and black acrylic paint, and waited until my Citrus Magic Solid Air Fresheners were ready to swap out for new ones.

I confess, I got a little impatient, lol. Me? Impatient? No! YES!!!!! So – instead of waiting, I went ahead and played with three of them that weren’t quite finished, and the fourth one that was. Haha!

I took the three that weren’t done and painted the exterior orange, and the one that was finished – I painted it black inside and out. Here’s what it looked like with a single coat of paint:

I noticed some white splotches after the dried, so I gave all the containers another coat of paint and let them dry completely again before moving onto the next step.

For the orange ones, I simply painted pumpkin faces on them like this:

The black one though… I got extra creative with that one. I took the top of it off, and using an X-acto knife cut out the center ridges so I would have an opening to stuff something into. I had some black webbing and some orange spiders from last Halloween, so I did this:

How fun is that?!? I just adore how these upcycled crafts came out, and feel like with a little creativity there are so many things we can do with items that would normally just go in the recycle bin. I can’t wait to share my ideas for upcycling the jars from my Citrus Magic candles!!! Spoiler alert – it’s also Halloween themed! Until next time friends, may your crafts be creative, and your messes be minimal.

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I used Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener Containers to make some fun Halloween Decor. I love upcycled craft projects!


Must Haves for Your Dorm Room

I’m all about making lists to help myself stay organized for big events like moving. While this post is sponsored by Citrus Magic, all opinions and the list I created below are my own.

A Must Haves List for Your Dorm Room

So, all the little children are back to school, and now it’s time for the big kids to go back. Yep, I’m talking college students. With that in mind, below are a few must haves for your dorm room.

1. Bedding – mattress covers, bed sheets, blanket or duvet, duvet cover, pillows, and pillow cases. It’s also a good idea to have more than one set on hand.

2. Clothing – because well, streaking is illegal in the United States.

3. Toiletries and person hygiene products – you know the usual suspects like toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, etc…

4. Towels and washcloths.

5. Kitchen appliances – although microwaves and mini fridges are still acceptable in most dorm rooms, confirm what appliances are allowed and which or prohibited.

6. Things to eat with/on/whatever – utensils, plates, cups, bowls, Tupperware, you get the idea….

7. Computer – nuff said

8. Notepad, pens and pencils.

9. Snacks

10. Medication

11. Art – get the 411 on how you’re allowed to hang it before just plowing holes into the walls.

12. Photos of the family/boyfriend/girlfriend/ pets

13. USB cables and backup batteries for electronics

14. Some cleaning supplies like laundry detergent

15. An alarm clock with backup batteries for the inevitable power outage that might make you miss that midterm!

16. Backpack for carrying books

17. Extension cables – trust me, you’re welcome!

18. Surge protector – you never know especially if you live in Florida like me. A power outage could fry your stuffs!

19. Air freshener sprays for those awful times your roommate stinks up the joint. I recommend the Citrus Magic non-aerosol sprays. While you’re at it…grab some Citrus Magic Solid Air Fresheners too – you know, for the odor absorption of those weird meals you and/or your roommate insist are healthy but smell awful.

20. A willingness to learn and make friends

Did I miss anything? If so, leave a comment below and tell me about it!

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5 Ways to Prepare Your House for Winter

I can’t help but think of my family in Kentucky and Ohio in these winter months. As cold as it gets there I know my family members are always looking for ways to keep their houses warm. With that in mind, below are 5 ways to prepare your house for winter. While this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

5 Ways to Prepare Your House for Winter

With winter setting in, you need to make sure that your home is operating at peak efficiency. Not only will this help reduce your utility bills, but it will also ensure that you don’t have any other significant problems later on, such as a broken heater. To help maximize your planning, be sure to download free weather apps onto your smartphone, so you will know more about what’s going on outside so as to better adjust yourself inside. Here are five things you can do this winter:

  1. Check for Leaks: If you notice any cold air coming in where it shouldn’t be, then that can lead to some pretty major problems later on. Be sure to identify the exact source of the incoming air, and then seal it as best as possible. Usually, points of entry are around doorways or windows. 
  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat: Unless you want to keep getting up to adjust the temperature, you will want to get a thermostat that has programmable options. This way you don’t have to worry about the house getting too hot or cold, nor do you have to worry about wasting energy. Be sure to keep your home at a lower temperature while you’re away.
  1. Check Your Heater: If months have passed since you last used the heater, it may be rusty and inefficient. Before the weather gets really bad, have someone come and inspect your unit to make sure that you aren’t throwing money away due to a poorly operating machine.
  1. Remove Icicles and Dams: After you have installed snow weather apps on your phone, be sure to check out when storms are coming in and plan accordingly. One of the biggest issues during winter is when icicles form and block water on your roof, causing damage. Stay on top of things and remove ice after it forms. Otherwise, you will be paying a hefty price later on.
  1. Turn Off Outside Faucets: If you have a hose outside, it can freeze and damage your pipes. Make sure that you don’t have water running to any exterior faucets, as they can be a huge problem if they freeze up. Use the shut-off valve to prevent this issue.

I know when I’m in Kentucky during the winter months I want the places I’m staying to be as warm as possible. This Florida girl can barely handle the cold. Here’s a picture of just one tactic I used to stay warm when I was in Kentucky in January of this year:

What do you to keep warm in the winter? Leave a comment and tell me about it!