Days of Thunder- Or the First of Many Films I Have Yet to See

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My husband and I have been talking a lot lately about movies and as he brought up references to lots of films we realized that there are a LOT of films I have not seen yet. After talking for just 20 minutes we had a list of 35 films he thought I should see. Then, we asked his dad and sister and at the end of that conversation the final tally was well over 60 films. I guess you could say I have quite a few to watch in the coming days. Thank goodness for Netflix and Amazon Prime I suppose!

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 Anyway, the first flick we chose because it was free on Netflix and was
the first one we happened to type in the search box that was actually
streaming was Days of Thunder.

I have to say I liked this flick quite a bit more than I thought I would. Ah, Tom Cruise before the crazy. I like this version of him. (p.s. I’m glad he has piped DOWN in the media lately and gotten back to just making good movies) And Nicole Kidman! WOW! She was a fox-
although, come to think of it – she STILL is! It was enjoyable to watch even though I’m not a huge racing fan. Yes, Kim if you are reading this- I confess it. I’m not that big into racing. BUT, this flick did give me a better appreciation for racing and I can see why people get so fired up about it. This movie had me laughing, crying and cringing making for an overall feel good flick. If you are bored and looking for something to watch on Netflix I would highly recommend it.

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Have a movie you want me to watch or a product you want me to review? 

 Contact me HERE! I’m PR friendly 😉

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