The Hangover Cure- No – REALLY!

I first learned about Boiron USA at BlogHer 2013. They were one of the vendors for the event. While chatting with the brand ambassadors somehow we got on the subject of hangovers. You’ve had them, I’ve had them, we’ve likely all had them.nux vomica - hangover cure
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One gal at the booth started telling me about Boiron’s Nux Vomica and referred to it as the hangover cure. “Yeah! Right!” was my response. She then handed me this description:
Nux is made from the seeds of the Stychnos nux-vomica tree native to Southeast Asia. In this safe micro-dose form, Nux provides symptomatic relief of nausea, acid indigestion, upset stomach from overindulgence in food and drink, hangovers or excessive coffee drinking. It’s also great for when you feel drowsy after meals, or if you tend to eat too much spicy or rich food.

Still hesitant, she asked me if I was planning on drinking at the BlogHer party scheduled for that night. I told her I would probably indulge a little… She gave me 5 tablets and told me to just let them dissolve on my tongue.

Well- I did indeed drink that night, perhaps too much, but do you know what? The next morning – NO HANGOVER! I don’t know if it was a placebo or if this stuff really works but I didn’t get a hangover.

She gave me a bottle to take home just in case and I have used it a few times that I knew I’d be drinking and I haven’t gotten a hangover any time that I’ve used it. I would highly recommend it! Again, I have no clue if this stuff works because of the ingredients or if it’s just a damn good placebo, but either way- I’ll take it!

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