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More Than 25 Easter and Spring Posts!

I just love the feelings that come with Spring, don’t you? Even though in Florida we don’t really have a season change per se, everything feels renewed and fresh. It’s one of my favorite times of year.

And, it features a fun holiday – EASTER! I have such wonderful memories of Easter growing up. It was one of the times I remember everyone, even my dad, being in a good mood and the day being filled with excitement and good food. Perhaps that’s why I get so giddy when Spring arrives.

I also love, love, LOVE all the creative crafts, pastel colors, and like I said – good food. I thought I’d feature some of my favorite Easter and Spring posts written by my bloggy friends in this round-up. Of course, there are a few of my own sprinkled in as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Easter and Spring Post Roundup

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The Fastest Way to Make a CUTE Dry Erase Board

This homemade gift was Pinspired! It’s a homemade dry erase board. All I did was get 5X7 frames from the Dollar Tree and then added a piece of lined notebook paper and a hot glued flower off a $1 bouquet from Wal-Mart. To complete the gift give the recipient a black dry erase marker! Simple and cute!

Would this not make an adorable addition to your gift for Mother’s Day? You could make a DIY basket filled with awesome homemade goodies


How to Make Flower Pens – Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

Materials needed:

– non-spring ink pens
– fake flowers- I got mine from the Dollar Tree
– hot glue gun
– scissors/wire cutters
– floral tape

How to Assemble:

1. Snip a flower off the bunch using scissors/wire cutters leaving about a quarter of an inch of the stem
2. Hot glue the stem to the top of one of the pens (for extra stability I usually add more glue to the side of the pen from the top to the end of the quarter inch stem)
3. Start from the top of the pen, begin wrapping the floral tape until you get to the end of the pen. There is a divot at the end of the pen before you get to the in part- that is where I typically stop. (Hope that makes sense)

4. Voila! You’ve got a flower pen. For added flair I’ve seen gals take a bunch of these pens and place them in a flower pot filled with marbles.


Upcycled Candles – Give Your Old Candles New Life

If you are anything like me, you have lots of candles like the photo above. You burn them and then just before all the wax melts and evaporates, low and behold the darn wick is gone first. Well, I have found a fun idea to upcycle those little pieces that are leftover and end up with a bunch of jars and candle holders you can use for a future craft project!

Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult


– All of your candles that have a little bit or a lottle bit of wax left
– New wicks for your “new” candles
– Candle holders for your “new” candles. You’ll have to guesstimate what size you need for these based on how many candles you have to upcycle.
– A Pot that’s about 2 quarts
– Scissors
– Tongs
– An old fork you don’t care about potentially ruining (maybe consider getting a free or cheap one at a thrift store or garage sale???)
– Paper towels
– Oven mitts
– Glue Dots
– Patience!

How to Assemble:

The first thing I did was I picked two empty candle holders that I had for the upcycled candles I was going to make. I then took two new wicks that I got from my craft store and used some glue dots to affix them to the bottom of the inside of the holders. This is what they looked like before I added any wax to them:

Then it was time to melt the wax in the “old” candles.

I took the 2 quart pot and filled it about half way with water and then set it on my burner. I set the burner to high until the water was boiling then dropped the heat to medium. One at a time I did the following:

1. Take the “old” candle and using an oven mitt or tongs hold it in the hot water. (Be careful to make sure that water doesn’t go into the “old” candle!!)
2. Once the wax in it melts pour the wax into the “new” candle holder. If the wick from the “old” candle falls in fish it out with the fork and place it in the garbage.
3. Set old candle holder back in the boiling water for a few seconds.
4. While it’s still hot carefully hold it with the oven mitt covered hand while placing paper towels inside with tongs and wiping out any leftover residue. Set aside the old holder and discard the paper towel with the residue.

I repeated this with the next several jars and candle holders until I ended up with these:

Make sure you clip the wicks down to a quarter of an inch before burning them. Any bigger and the flame could get too big for comfort and be a fire hazard.

Once I cleaned out all the old jars and old candle holders I had all of these:

Before using any of the old jars and candle holders I ran them through my dishwasher. So, now I have two “new” candles and several glass pieces I can do other new crafts with!

Hand Painted Salt Shakers

Paint some salt shakers to match your friend’s or family’s kitchen! It’s so simple to do.


– The color of your choosing of Folk Art Enamels Paint
– Q-tips
– Glass salt shakers
– Assorted brushes
– A cookie sheet
– An oven
– Styrofoam Plate
– Rubbing Alcohol

1. Clean the exterior of the Glass Salt Shakers with rubbing alcohol.
2. Pour a little paint onto the Styrofoam Plate and paint any image you want onto the glass.  Don’t paint the bottom. Let it sit to air dry 30 minutes.
3. Pour another color of paint onto the Styrofoam Plate. After letting the first layer dry paint additional colors on top of it. For example-in the above photo I painted the pink flowers first and let it dry before adding the the centers of the flowers in yellow. Let it sit to air dry an hour.
4. Place a cookie sheet into a COOL oven and place the air dried painted Salt Shakers onto the cookie sheet.
5. Close the oven and set the oven to 350 degrees. Then set a timer for 40 minutes.

**DO NOT open the oven while baking the glass and DO NOT open the oven until the oven is completely cooled down. Doing so could cause the glass to crack and/or shatter when the air outside the oven hits it.
6. When the timer goes off turn off the oven immediately and leave the item in the oven until it is completely cooled down.
7. Once the oven is cooled down voila! You have hand painted Glass Salt Shakers!

Tuna Can Candle Holders – Easy and Adorable Craft

Materials needed:

– An empty and cleaned tuna fish can- the 2.5-3 oz. cans work the best.
– Clothes Pins (the ones with a hinge)
– Tea Light candle or battery operated tea light
– Long lighter or long matchstick


How to Assemble:
1. After removing all the paper and cleaning the tuna fish can make sure it’s completely dry
2. Place a clothespin on the edge of the can
3. Simply keep pinning clothespins around the can until you have filled the rim with them. You may need to space them out a little if you run out of room so the candle holders look uniform.

4. Drop a tea light in and light it to enjoy!

If you want to add some color to the clothespins you could modpodge some scrapbook paper onto them or paint them with acrylic paint.

Puffy Paint Candle Holders

Materials needed:

– Glass candle holders- I got these from Wal-Mart for $0.50 each

– Tea lights- either real or battery operated

– Puffy fabric paint- I used Tulip Puffy Paint

– Rubbing Alcohol

– Cotton Balls

How to Assemble:

1. Using the cotton balls, wipe the surface of the glass candle holders with rubbing alcohol and then let it dry. According to different websites I have found this enables the paint to adhere better to the glass.

2. Once the glass is dry simply squeeze dots of paint all over the exterior of the glass in whatever pattern you like. I didn’t really have a rhyme or reason to mine – I just did a curved line of one color and then a curved line of another color and kept repeating the pattern until I ran out of room.

(Side note- I would STRONGLY recommend only doing a quarter of the glass at a time so you don’t risk smudging the paint)

3. Let the paint dry and then finish adding paint to any spots you have missed.

4. Let it dry overnight and then add your tea light, light it and enjoy your work 🙂

Show Your Team Spirit -Paper Craft


Whether you are celebrating the Super Bowl or want to simply show off
your team spirit, you can declare your team love with this fun and easy
paper craft:

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate


– Construction Paper
– White glue or glue sticks
– Scotch Tape
– String- I used yarn because I already had some
– Scissors
– Pen
– Markers or Crayons
– Ruler

How to Assemble:

1. First decide how big you want the sign to be. Mine was small enough to hang on my door so I folded the paper into quarters.

2. “Go Bulls” is 7 letters so I needed 7 triangles. I took two of the sheets of green pieces of construction paper and with a ruler drew a large “X” onto the quarter pages. Then I cut the triangles out.

3. To create the gap between the two colors of the triangles I cut an inch from the length and an inch from the width of two yellow sheets of construction paper. I folded these two sheets into quarters as well and with a ruler drew a large “X” onto the quarter pages. Then I cut the triangles out.
4. On the yellow triangles I wrote G-O-B-U-L-L-S with black crayon.
5. I glued the yellow triangles on top of the green triangles
6. Next, I taped the G-O triangles to one string and B-U-L-L-S to a second string.
7. Lastly, I hung them together as you can see in the photo at the top of this post.

3D Christmas Card – Magazine Christmas Tree


I get a bunch of magazines in the mail every month. I usually end up just throwing them in the recycle bin if and when I read them. This time, however, I decided to take all the bright and colorful pages and make a pretty 3-D card out of them. Here’s how you can do the same:

Materials needed:

– A magazine
– Scrapbook Paper/ Cardstock- I used a piece that was 8.5 X 11″ and folded it in half to make a card
– hot glue gun
– glue stick
– Stamp, Sticker or Large Sequin to make the star
– scissors
– a smooth rounded pen/pencil

How to Assemble:

1. Find the most colorful pages in the magazine

2. Take your 8.5 X 11″ piece of Scrapbook Paper/ Cardstock and fold it in half to make a card

3. Cut the base of the tree to be about 1 inch – 1.5 inch cube and using a glue stick glue it to the bottom middle of the front of the card.

4. For the rolled tree pieces: I used 13 rolled pages and cut 0.5-1 inch off of each piece to create the pyramid effect. For example the first page will be approx 8X10, the second will be 7.5X10, the third will be 7X10 and so on… I rolled each of them with a pen and then hot glued the seam while it was still on the pen to the paper. After pressing it to the paper and letting it cool slightly I carefully slid out the pen. I continued this process with each magazine page until I got to the top.

5. I used a large sequin star to top my tree and used a glue stick to secure it to the card.

6. Voila! I had a fun and colorful card that I could write a Christmas message in.

Bubblegum Vodka!

#ThirstyThursday #TipsyBartender #BubblegumVodka

Today’s Thirsty Thursday post was inspired by the amazing Youtube Channel: Tipsy Bartender. If you have not checked out that channel, read this post first (duh!) and then go check it out. Guys who like hot chicks mixin dranks while shaking their booties will probably like this channel and girls will enjoy making fun of said hot chicks because we are mean jealous beaches. hahaha

Have a drink you want me to try or a product you want me to review? 

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Anywho- the drank!

So, I wanted to try: 

Tipsy Bartender’s Bubblegum Vodka

watch his original video HERE!

To make the vodka you will need:

– 10 pieces of Bubblegum. I used Super Bubble because that stuff is delicious

–  6 oz (180 ml) Vodka

Mason Jar or some other jar (I used a cleaned out spaghetti jar because recycling is how I roll)

How to:

1. Cut 10 pieces of gum and add them to a jar.

2. Pour in 6 oz. of plain vodka

3. Seal and let it sit for a couple of days

4. Strain the gum out and THERE YOU HAVE IT- Bubblegum Vodka 🙂

Now to make the cocktail that Tipsy Bartender made in the video you will need:

– The bubblegum Vodka

Charms Blowpops (But I’m lame and totally forgot to buy these)

– Lemon Lime Soda such as 7-Up.

How to:

1. Fill glass with ice. I used an 8 oz. wine glass because I’m classy like that…

2. Pour in about 1.5 oz of the bubblegum vodka

3. Pour in about 2.5 oz 7-Up– to fill the glass my drink ended up being a little closer to 2 oz of vodka and 4 oz of 7-Up

4. Garnish with an unwrapped Charms Blowpops– But, again I’m lame and totally forgot to buy these so to improvised I took 3 pieces of bubble gum and put them on a skewer on top of the glass for the photo

5. Stir with the garnish and DRINK!

So, what did I think of the Bubblegum Vodka? It was REALLY Bubblegummy just like the chick in the video says. Then, when adding it to the 7-Up soda it still tasted just like drinking bubblegum!

I would drink it again, but I would have to be in the mood for something that sweet to really enjoy it. It would be interesting to see what other drinks could be made with this vodka.

Okay- so…now for a little bit more about the man behind the brand! Skyy John, the internationally famous host of the Internet’s top bartending show “Tipsy Bartender,” has spent the last ten years bartending at one of the hottest and trendiest spots in Los Angeles, as well as hopping around the globe mixing incredible cocktails….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he wrote a kick ass book! Check out “I’m having a girl over” by Skyy John today!

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