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Wicked Green Ice Cocktail

I love me a good martini, and this one is fantastic. In fact, it’s so good, it’s wicked! See what I did there? I crack myself up!

If you’re looking for the perfect signature drink for your next Halloween party, I highly recommend trying this cocktail. It’s both naughty, and nice. But, beware – it goes down like candy, and after one or two the alcohol will TOTALLY sneak up on you!

Before we go any further, let's please the FCC shall we? This post does contain affiliate links. If you buy anything via these links, I'll receive a small commission to help pay my bills without any additional cost to you. Thanks in advance for your support! Okay, disclaimer out of the way! Back to the fun stuff!

Wicked Green Ice Cocktail


  • Malibu® Coconut Rum
  • Midori® Melon Liqueur
  • Blue Curacao
  • Sour Mix
  • Pineapple juice
  • Dry ice (optional, but man it makes for a sexy drink! I mean seriously – look at all that smokey goodness!!!)


  • Carefully place a couple of small pieces of dry ice in the bottom of two martini glasses. Do NOT use your hands to do this – either use a special glove or tongs! Side note: Call around to ask who sells dry ice in your area. I know a couple of Publix stores carry it here in Tampa Bay, but I’m honestly not sure who else does. In the event you can’t get dry ice, add a couple of cubes of ice to your martini glass for the name sake. Might I recommend these skeleton ice cubes: Again – I prefer dry ice, but if I can’t use dry ice – these ice cubes are hilarious in a cocktail!
  • Pour one shot (about 2 oz) of each of the above ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. If you like your drinks a little stronger, cut the sour mix and blue curacao measurements in half.
  • Shake and strain into a martini glass
Should make two drinks.
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This drink is so good, it's WICKED! If you are looking for a tasty Halloween cocktail, you have to try this Wicked Green Ice Cocktail!

Here are a few of my other favorite cocktails for Halloween:

If I’m REALLY honest…I could drink any of these drinks all year long. I truly love a good drink, and each of these are quite tasty.  What are your favorite Halloween cocktails?

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The TAMP-O-LANTERN cocktail

Tampa-O-Lantern Tampa Vodka Cocktail

The awesome folks over at Florida Cane had me and my friend Tracy from Having Fun Saving & Cooking out to their distillery recently. While there we enjoyed a free tasting, and I was given a free bottle of vodka for the purposes of creating a drink, and giving them some social media love. Though the vodka was free, this has not impacted this post. All opinions, and the recipe creation are my own. (Affiliate links may be in the post as well)

Don’t you just love Halloween themed drinks?!? I know I sure do! Below is the TAMP-O-LANTERN cocktail I created for the spooky holiday.

Get it? Like Jack-o’-lantern, but with Tampa in the name. Why Tampa? Because it’s made with a vodka that is home grown, er I mean made in Tampa!

So what’s in this bad boy? I’m so glad you asked, and I’ll gladly tell you because holy smokes this concoction is DEEEEEEElicious!

Tamp-O-Lantern Cocktail


– 6 oz Florida Cane Vanilla Bean Vodka (add more if you like it stronger)

– 1 scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

– 2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree (this is where the Jack-o’-lantern comes in – ahem!)

– 1/2 cup of crushed ice

Red and yellow food coloring

– 1/4 cup of sugar

– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

To make:

1. Take the 1/4 cup of sugar and pour into a small cup. (You could do this directly on a plate, but I found it easier to do it in a cup)

2. For the orange sugar rim mix 1 drop red food coloring w/ 3 drops of yellow, and stir into 1/4 cup of white table sugar.

3. Pour the lemon juice onto one plate, and the colored sugar onto another.

4. Rim a glass with lemon and sugar. (I adorned my glass with black stickers to look more like a Jack-o’-lantern)

5. Pour the other ingredients (vodka, ice cream, pumpkin and ice) into a blender, and blend until smooth.

6. Finally, pour the smooth drink into the sugar rimmed glass.

7. If you’re feelin frisky stir in more red and yellow food coloring to the drink to get more of an orange color. I added about 2 more red, and 6 more yellow to get this muted orange color for my drink. I wish I had added more for a brighter look, but it didn’t change how yummy it was!

Makes two drinks

Did you make this drink? What did you think?

Huge thanks again to Florida Cane for having me and Tracy from @havingfunsaving out to your location in Ybor City for a fun day of tasting and learning.

The Florida Cane distillery is located at 1820 N 15th Street, Tampa, FL 33605. You can learn about tastings at

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Christmas Cocktails Roundup – Part 2

Welcome to part two of my Christmas Cocktails Roundup! If you missed part 1, check it out right here! What is your favorite Christmas Cocktail? Leave a comment down below with the recipe or a link to what it is. If you don’t have a favorite, or are looking for some new recipes to add to your bartender repertoire, I hope you’ll find one or two below that tickle your taste beds. Enough blabbering! Let’s focus on what you came for – the drinks!

Christmas Cocktails Round Up – Part 2

1. Mulled Wine
2. winter prosecco cocktails
3. Cranberry and Orange Vodka Cocktail
4. Ponche Crema Venezuelan Eggnog
5. Hot Brown Buttered Rum

6. Bourbon Caramel Apple Cider
7. Red Wine Hot Chocolate
8. Cranberry Apple Spiced Mules
9. Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail
10. Pomegranate and Orange Cocktail
11. Cranberry Mint Cocktail
12. Spiced Cider and Cran-Bourbon Cocktail
13. Best Skinny Margarita Recipe

14. Bourbon Milk Punch
15. Bourbon Pecan Pie Cocktail
16. Cranberry Moscow Mule

17. Festive Cranberry Margarita Recipe
18. Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail Recipe
19. Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate
20. Cinnamon Roll Eggnog
21. Peppermint Cookietini Cocktail

22. Gingerbread Latte Recipe
23. Chai Spiced Cider
24. Hot Lemon Orange Toddy
25. Irish Cream Chocolate Coffee
26. How To Make Cake Vodka Jell-O Shots
27. Strawberry Creamsicle Cocktail And Mocktail
28. Frozen Bananas Foster Cocktail


And now, for your amusement, I thought I’d share a few Christmas Jokes that I found here:

  • Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A Mince Spy!
  • What is a skunks favorite Christmas song? Jingle smells!
  • What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney? Claustrophobia!
  • How do you know Santa is good at karate? He has a black belt!
  • Why does everybody like Frosty the Snowman? Because he is so cool!
  • What type of cars do elves drive? Toy-otas.
  • What is a librarians favorite Christmas song? Silent Night
  • What do you call a greedy elf? Elfish.

If you’re anything like me, you get a kick out of funny puns like these! May your Christmas be full of laughter, good drinks, good food and good times!

This is part two of my Christmas Cocktail Roundup. There are so many delicious drinks here that you're guaranteed to have your holidays be merry and bright!


And, don’t forget to check out part 1 of my Christmas Cocktail Roundup HERE!

Christmas Cocktails Roundup – Part 1

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for a delicious cocktail. While I love them year round, there is something extra special about the flavor combinations that are popular during the Christmas season. The dashes of cinnamon, the splashes of cranberry and all the ingredients that form the concoctions that folks come up with – they just seem to usher in all those warm feelings of celebration.

I went to my bloggy friends and asked them all to share their best Christmas cocktail recipes, and they did not disappoint. Below you’ll find part one of the best cocktails for the season that would have Old Saint Nick even giving the naughty kids presents this year! Yum!

Christmas Cocktails Round Up – Part 1

  1. Apple Cider Mule Cocktail
  2. How to Make Puerto Rican Coquito
  3. Easy Cranberry Orange Daiquiris
  4. Christmas Cosmopolitan
  5. Mulled Wine   
  6. Holiday White Cranberry Sangria with Rosemary
  7. Apple Cinnamon Sangria
  8. Coquito – Puerto Rican Egg Nog
  9. The Grinch Cocktail
  10. Andes Coquito
  11. Cranberry Bliss Cocktail
  12. Homemade Eggnog Recipe
  13. Pomegranate Martini Recipe
  14. Poinsettia Champagne
  15. Orange Cranberry Mulled Wine
  16. Warm Winter Rum Punch
  17. Cranberry Orange Moscow Mule
  18. Cranberry Orange Sangria
  19. Christmas Cranberry Sangria
  20. Holiday Eggnog
  21. Mrs. Claus’ Mint Cherry Martini
  22. Apple Pear Sangria
  23. Low-Cal Cranberry Margarita Recipe
  24. Cranberry Ginger Christmas Margaritas
  25. Hanukkah Punch
  26. Mulled Mixed Fruit Cider with Mandarins
  27. Best Ever Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe
  28. Holiday Cranberry Mocktail

Also be sure to check out part 2:

I love a yummy cocktail at Christmas time, and this post features a round up of some of the best ones you can make!

Kinky and The Brain Cocktail Featuring Veggie Wash

I'm a brand ambassador for Veggie Wash, and though this post is sponsored, all opinions and images below are my own.

Are you feeling Kinky? Boys and ghouls I sure am today! I call this spell, er I mean cocktail, Kinky and the Brains! It’s so good! Learn how to make it below!Kinky and The Brain Cocktail Featuring Veggie Wash

Kinky and The Brain Cocktail Featuring Veggie Wash


  • 2 oz Kinky Pink
  • 2 oz Kinky Green
  • 2 oz Kinky Blue
  • lemon lime soda
  • 6 medium size strawberries
  • ice


1. Wash about 6 medium sized strawberries with Veggie Wash, and after washing place in a blender
2. Pour approximately 2 Oz each of the Pink, Green and Blue Kinky Liqueurs into the blender
3. Add 1 cup of ice
4. Blend it just enough to make it look like chunky brain has been obliterated in your appliance. Muahahahaha!!!!!
5. Pour the chunky brains into a glass and finish off with a generous pour of lemon lime soda.
6. Stir, garnish with another strawberry, add a straw and drink up. Careful tho – it might go to your brains!

The Black Dahlia Drink from Revenge


In the television show Revenge– Fauxmanda aka the “real” Emily Thorne makes a drink called The Black Dahlia. In it she puts 3 oz. Vodka, 1 oz. Creme de Cassis and a little Blackberry Liqueur. She then puts it in a martini shaker with ice, shakes it and strains it into a martini glass.

I figured- Since I was at a blogging conference…and could not check in until an hour later, I was bored and my bartender Vince was nice- what better time to try it?!?

Vince added some flair by garnishing the drink with some raspberries and voila! I had my Black Dahlia.

Verdict of this cocktail? Sooooo good! Somewhat sweet with a kick and very smooth. Would definitely order it again!!!

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Mandarin Orange Vodka Wine Cocktail

What’s your favorite mix-ins for wine cocktails? I love sprucing up drinks by mixing yummy stuffs in, don’t you? They often end up tasting even more amazing than they already do.

On a recent rainy day I made an orange vodka Chianti cocktail with‘s Mandarin Orange Vodka. I mixed 6 Oz of chianti with 3 Oz vodka and a splash of @sprite over ice. So delicious it’s chasing my rainy day blues away!

I’d love to hear what your favorite wine cocktails are!


Thirsty Thursdays – Summer Spiked PJ with Touch Vodka

Touch Vodka did send me a few bottles of their vodka for the purposes of review. While the vodka was free, this did not affect my review. All opinions are my own.

Summer is here, and with it, refreshing drinks are all the rage. Today I thought I’d share a yummy one that just tastes like summer in a glass. Perfect for those hot days by the pool! Or, ya know, on the patio after a rough day’s work. This is the Summer Spiked PJ and it’s damn tasty! Enjoy!!

Summer Spiked PJ



Super simple, super refreshing – I’ll have another please! Stay tuned for additional drink recipes with Touch Vodka 🙂

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Red White and Blue Fruity Mocktail

This red, white and blue fruit mocktail is a snap to put together. It’s a layered drink that is made possible by…SCIENCE!

The way this layered drink is created is by pouring the liquid that has the most sugar in it first, then the second most sugar and finally the least amount of sugar at the end. Apparently mine would have appeared more layered so you could distinctly see the red, white and blue layers if I had poured the liquids in over the back of a spoon, but I was thirsty and impatient!

I used a fruit punch, tonic water, and a calorie free blue raspberry punch to create this drink. At least the ice adds in the “white” I suppose. And, it looks patriotic enough for me to happily serve it as a quick drink for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day festivities.

If you wanted to make this drink a cocktail instead of a mocktail, all you would need to do is add liquor to each layer – for example

  1. pour 1/4 cup of fruit punch into a cocktail shaker with ice and add 1 tablespoon of vodka. Then, shake what your momma gave ya!
  2. carefully strain and pour the first liquid into a cup filled with ice. I used 8 oz party cups.
  3. pour 1/4 cup of tonic water into a cocktail shaker with ice and add 1 tablespoon of vodka. Then, shake it like a salt shaker!
  4. carefully strain and pour the second liquid into the cup. Again, this is probably better to do over the back of a spoon so you get more of a layered effect than I did.
  5. finally pour 1/4 cup of calorie free blue raspberry punch into a cocktail shaker with ice and add 1 tablespoon of vodka. You guessed it, shake it like a Polaroid picture!
  6. again, carefully strain and pour the final liquid on top. I used 8 oz party cups.

Have you ever made layered drinks? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Boozy Milkshake! 2017 #FWCon #makeitwithMILK Contest Entry

I’m attending the 2017 Food Wine Conference, and although I’ve always wanted to enter one of their recipe contests, I’ve been chicken every year. This year, that changes! I decided to enter the Make it With Milk Recipe contest!

The rules seemed simple enough – Develop an original recipe which must include at least 1 cup of real milk and at least 1 cup of one other dairy product (cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc.) Be creative! It cannot be an adapted recipe.

So, I came up with a yummy drinkable food recipe that in my opinion is PERFECT! Here’s my entry. Let me know what you think in the comments below 😀

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Boozy Milkshake Featuring Wish Farms Berries!

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Yields: 2 Boozy Milkshakes


  • 1/2 cup Wish Farm Strawberries (freeze them the night before)
  • 1 cup of REAL milk
  • 1 cup of chocolate ice cream
  • 2-4 oz of vodka depending on how strong you like your drinks
  • Grand Marnier – just a splash as this will be a floater
  • Whipped Cream


  1. In a Blender (I used a Ninja) add the 1/2 cup of frozen Wish Farm Strawberries
  2. Cover the berries with the cup of real milk
  3. Add the vodka
  4. Then add the cup of chocolate ice cream.
  5. Blend!
  6. Pour into a glass
  7. Pour a little Grand Marnier on the top of the boozy shake – not too much, just enough to act as a floater like I said
  8. Top with whipped cream, add a straw and slurp it down!


Ya’ll, this drink was sooooooooo good, and was so filling I almost didn’t eat my dinner. I loved every single sip of it. I can’t wait for the next excuse (read weekday) to make these yummy boozy milkshakes. I hope you make them and love them too.

To make them mocktails, simply remove the alcohol.

Want to enter this contest too?

You can enter the Food Wine Conference #makeitwithMILK Contest here. And, remember, you need to use at least 1 cup of real milk and at least 1 cup of one other dairy product for your recipe to be valid in the contest.

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