I Want to Re-do My Cross Country Road Trip

Looking back over my whirlwind summer, all I keep thinking about is how badly I want a re-do of my cross country road trip. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly grateful for the fact we got to see and do all that we did, but there are sooooooooooooooooo many places I would have liked to have stayed in longer and had more time to explore. Because of the fact my job can be done anywhere with an internet connection, I hope to re-do the road trip over the course of an entire year. I’d love to have a week in each state and really get to know the areas we only had time to drive by. Sure, there are some places I’d be fine skipping, but the beautiful places, I want to see and explore them again. I want time to hike the trails we had to glance at, I want to eat in the restaurants we didn’t have time to sit in and I want to take more videos and more pictures!!!

I also want to do all of it from the comfort of a MUCH nicer vehicle. One that we can LAY DOWN in so that when it’s too difficult to set up camp, we already have a bed made. It doesn’t have to be an RV, but I would like a vehicle as nice as my mom’s and would love to modify it for the trip. Yea- that’s what I want.