How to Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis

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Your home is your palace. You want to design every aspect of it to be relaxing and rejuvenating for you and your family. One area that you never want to overlook during this design process is your backyard. In fact, we’re going to help you turn it into your very own relaxing oasis.

Start With a Deck 

If your backyard is lacking in functionality, it can be challenging to determine where to start your oasis design. A great first step is to build a deck. The feature not only increases the overall value of your home, but it helps to carve out some definitive space. A deck will elevate your family from the natural landscape and provide a more enhanced feeling of privacy. 

Install Lights and Speakers 

Next up, you need to light up your backyard. Simple string lights can help to set a more relaxing ambiance on those summertime evenings. If you have an existing fence on your property, consider outlining your entire backyard perimeter with some ambient low lighting to help better define your space. It can be extremely relaxing to have that low light and the comfort of knowing that you can see what’s going on in your yard. And don’t forget to include those outside speakers. They can allow you to enhance your atmosphere and speed up that feeling of relaxation. 

Consider a Water Feature 

How to Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis - Pool Design Two

You can’t go wrong when it comes to integrating water into your backyard oasis. Water helps to provide a feeling of relaxation and comfort. You have a plethora of options when it comes to determining what water features you want to use. Pools, spas, waterfalls, and even fountains are all great options. Being able to relax in your spa or pool can further help to melt the stress away from your body. Adding a waterfall or fountain to your pool can promote that relaxation even further with the background water flowing. 

Plant Bug-Repellant Blooms 

You can’t have a backyard oasis without some beautiful flower blooms to set the tone. While you may be tempted to choose plants solely off of their bloom color, think again. You first want to look for plants that are well-proven to be bug-resistant, such as citronella grass. By having bug-repelling plants, you can spend less time being distracted and avoid the feeling of bug spray on your skin. Try to find a good mixture of bug-repellant plants and those that have stunning aesthetics.

Designate Shaded Areas 

You can have a beautiful outdoor oasis. However, if there’s no shade, it’s going to deter you and your family from using the space during the hot daytime hours. Do yourself a favor and carve out some designed shade. You have many different options at your disposal, depending on your unique landscape. You may be able to utilize the shade of an old oak tree to create a sunless sitting space, or you may want to install a canopy over your deck to give it a nice, cool location to avoid the sun. 

Create Areas of Interest 

If you truly want your backyard to feel like an oasis, you need to create areas of interest. These are simply small locations where designated activities can take place. Some examples of areas of interest include a cooking area, firepit, pool, spa, flower garden bench, and even gaming table. When you have multiple people visiting, they can break up into smaller groups and utilize these different areas of interest. These areas help to create more opportunities in your backyard oasis and keep it interesting for everyone. 

The Many Benefits of Having a Backyard Which You Can Relax In 

In today’s environment, it seems like everyone is burning the candle at both ends. Taking the time to relax your body and, more importantly, your mind is an absolute necessity to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Having a backyard oasis ready to go is a great way to encourage you to relax. There’s no planning needed. Simply head out back and enjoy the beautiful oasis you’ve created for yourself. 

Having an area gives you the perfect location for hosting friends and family for outdoor meals. This is a great way to promote social well-being and keep everyone interested in coming back. Even better, having items like flowers in your backyard oasis allows you to pick up a new gardening hobby that has been proven time and time again to promote relaxation and clarity.