How To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

For the average person weight gain is a result of eating too much and exercising too little, which is why weight gain over the holiday period is particularly common, as people choose to sit in front of their televisions stuffing themselves with food, rather than going for a walk or jog.

There are all those festive films and television shows which are just not to be missed, and besides who exactly wants to leave the warmth and cosiness of their home just to trudge through the snow in the freezing cold? Then there is all that food which simply has to be eaten before it goes off. Nobody wants any food to go to waste, and so everybody ends up eating more than they should.

It is therefore a good idea not to stock up on too much food over the holidays. In years gone by when shops were shut for longer than just a day or two, people had to make sure they had enough food to last. Nowadays, however, most shops are open the day after Christmas; there are even a few shops that open on Christmas Day.

The point is that the more food people buy in, the likelier they are to eat more, and it can be convenient to use the expiry date of an item as an excuse to get rid of it quickly (by eating it). Usually people find that they are also besieged by gifts of chocolates and sweets, anyway, which gives them another potential source of excess calories.

The holidays should be a time for relaxing, not obsessing over every calorie, but it is perhaps a wise idea for individuals to monitor their calorie intake; otherwise they may end up paying for it when they step on the scales after the New Year, or find that they can no longer fit into their favourite clothes.

If they want to prevent this from happening they should limit the amount of calories they consume by choosing healthier options, and by eating what they want but in reasonable portions. They shouldn’t use the holidays as an excuse for a two-week binge on all the food and drink they want, unless they are prepared to pay the price for it.

They should also consider getting more physically active, as it can be a good way for the family to spend time together without sitting in front of the television or at the dining table. They could go for a walk or a bicycle ride, or if it is snowing they could have a snowball fight and run around in the snow.

Going outside might not seem too appealing when it is cold outside, but individuals can console themselves with the thought of the extra calories they can consume when they get home without having to worry what the implications will be for their weight.

Sometimes it can be good for people to relax their routine a bit during the holidays, but it is important not to go overboard if they don’t want to have to spend the next few months trying to lose weight, and if they want to remain in control of their weight they can do so, as long as they stay focused on their diet and activity levels.