I Won’t Make New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

My theme for 2015 will be POSITIVITY!

I hate New Year’s Resolutions and the pressure that surrounds them.
So, for 2015 I have some goals in mind and tasks I will do to make those
goals realities and I plan to write at the end of 2015 that 2015 was my
best year yet. I can honestly say that at least in my career 2014 has
been my best year to date so here’s hoping 2015 will actually trump

My current goals for the new year are:
– Be a more positive in 2015
– Practice an attitude of gratitude more frequently
– Make enough money monthly that I can pay all of my bills and have
enough left over to pay down my debts
– Have more fun and live more in the moment rather than planning too far ahead
– Eat healthier and move my body more. I don’t want to say diet and
workout because I hate those ideals. I’d rather focus on the positives
than the negatives.
– Work more on my own blogs and websites to be more independent and financially free
– Get my apartment organized by the end of 2015

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