Making Hot Rum Toddies Mulled Wine

Looking for a festive drink to keep you warm this winter? Look no further than these recipes for hot toddies and mulled wine!

Typically mulled wine is served hot and takes many forms and Recipes in different countries, this is a winter favorite in North America. You can create all sorts of flavor combinations by substituting ingredients from the basic method below. Add raspberries, apples, or any fruit or flavoring your imagination can think of.

In different variations white or red wine, half and half of each (the cheaters Rose’ ) can be used for a taste combination you can experiment with. Years ago when wine was spoiled it was masked with spices and flavorings to be drinkable and Mulled Wine was born.

Mulled Wine

 First pour a litre bottle of Red Wine in a stainless steel pot and add half the bottle measurement of water. Do not use certain pots as the acids tend to leach out particles that are bad for your health.
 Dice up lemon, orange and lime to thumb sized pieces, a half to one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, half a cup of honey more or less to taste and a cup of orange juice.
 Add this to the wine and simmer for fifteen minutes to reduce and infuse the flavors.
 Laddle out eight ounce servings in a large red wine glass wrapping the stem in a white napkin (it will be hot ) or any favorite holiday glasses or mugs you have.
 Add a cinnamon stick, fresh half slice of orange or lemon on the rim for garnish, yields six eight ounce servings.

Hot Rum Toddies

A Hot Rum Toddy is the perfect cocktail that’s fast and easy to make with just a few ingredients. The basic recipe is boiling water, sugar and rum, garnish with Lemon and dust with nutmeg. Add butter and sprinkle with nutmeg and it is a Hot Buttered Rum Toddy. A more elaborate version uses Rum, Honey, sugar, cinnamon powder, butter, lemon and hot water.

 Use one and a quarter to one and a half ounces of Rum.
 Take a slice of lemon and ring the edge of the mug all the way around.
 Dip mugs edge in sugar to coat see picture.
 Add a Table spoon of Honey, Rum and four and a half ounces of boiling water and stir.
 Top with a sprinkle of Nutmeg or Cinnamon and half a teaspoon of butter.
 Decorate with a half moon of lemon and enjoy

A Cure to the Common Cold

The cold season is almost upon us and many Grans profess the power of this drink to cure the common cold. Combine Boiling water with Honey, Rye whiskey and stir, squeeze a lemon wedge to juice it into mug and sip. If this is an old wives tale and not the ultimate cure at least you will feel better after drinking a few of these and maybe forget all about your cold for the time being.