Why Freelance Writers Should Sign Up for Medium

Find out all the great reasons why freelance writers should sign up for Medium. It’s the perfect platform to start publishing your work and make money.

Freelance Writers Should Be Writing On Medium

Whether you’re just starting your freelance writing journey or you’ve been at it for a while, writing on Medium has countless benefits. It’s free to join and start creating, and you can also monetize your account by joining the Medium Partner Program. Become part of a diverse, global community of writers, hone your skills, and develop your own unique style.

Medium is much more than a way to make money from your writing. It helps you form a writing routine, allows you to explore writing about a wide variety of topics, and gives you a way to interact with fellow writers.

In addition to being an exceptional writing platform, Medium is also a place where you can gain inspiration by delving into any subject that interests you. Keep reading to find out why freelance writers should sign up for Medium.

Why Should Freelance Writers Sign Up for Medium?

Many of us dream of writing on what we’re passionate about and making money at the same time. When you start publishing your writing on Medium, you’ll be able to do just that.

Medium is an excellent platform for experimenting with your writing style. It also allows you to track your engagement stats, so you’re able to see what worked well and where you can improve.

When you publish your work through the Medium Partner Program, you get paid based on the number of reads your piece gets. That way, your published content keeps earning money for you.

Take advantage of other writers’ expertise and use Medium as a source for doing your research and learning about your target audience. In addition, you can often get feedback on your work from fellow writers.

If you’ve been waiting for the right sign that it’s time to launch your freelance writing career, this is it. And Medium is the perfect place to get started.

Expand Your Portfolio

Have you just accomplished a career change to writing and don’t have much (or any) work published yet? Or maybe you’re ghostwriting and can’t tell people who you’re currently writing for.

Medium gives you a place to store and organize your work while getting it in front of an audience. It’s a zero-risk way to start putting yourself and your writing out there.

You’ll soon build a following and gain more exposure by consistently posting your work. Having an easily accessible portfolio of quality pieces will set you up for success when you’re ready to start pitching to more prominent publications, both on and off Medium.

Establish Credibility as a Writer

As you continue developing your portfolio on Medium, you’re building credibility and establishing yourself as an authority in your chosen niches. The more regularly you write, the faster you’ll learn what elements make an attention-grabbing article that holds readers’ attention.

Another advantage of the Medium platform is the opportunity for others to interact with your posts and vice versa. Getting claps and comments on your writing is a wonderful feeling.

If you already have your own blog, Medium makes it easy to import posts you’ve published elsewhere. It’s a great way to promote your site by including backlinks in your Medium posts and encouraging your audience to discover more valuable content on your blog.

Learn What to Write and Explore Various Niches

When first embarking on your freelance writing journey, it’s sometimes challenging to decide what you want to write about. On Medium, you’re free to write about your various interests and passions.

Over time, you’ll refine your skills and find out which styles and techniques work best for you. Take advantage of others’ knowledge and use your fellow Medium writers as a resource. Read articles in your areas of interest and research ways to improve your writing routine. 

Join a Worldwide Community of Writers

Many new freelance writers find a welcoming and supportive community when they join Medium. It’s a place where creative, enthusiastic, and like-minded people from across the globe come together to share their knowledge and ideas.

Experienced authors and publishers are often willing to provide feedback on your writing if you reach out to them. Or, consider signing up for a writing course from one of your favorite Medium experts.

By gaining a following on Medium, you’ll have a keen audience when you’re ready to start promoting your services or products. For example, if you’re interested in selling coaching or consulting services or designing an online course, it’s beneficial to have already proven your expertise through your writing. Your Medium readers can also provide an additional marketing source at no extra cost.

There are countless compelling reasons why freelance writers should sign up for Medium. It goes beyond making money and diversifying your income as a freelancer. From gaining valuable writing experience to broadening your portfolio and increasing your readership, becoming a published writer on Medium will take your freelance writing career to the next level.