50 Things I Like About Myself

I was challenged by my therapist to write a list of 50 Things I Like About Myself. Here’s what I came up with. I hope it inspires your own list!

My Therapist’s Challenge

Recently, my therapist challenged me to write a list of 50 things I like about myself. I struggled with this because self love is not something I’m very good at. But, I managed to get 20 on the list by the time we had our next session.

She pressed on though and kept encouraging me to write the other 30. This has been going on for a few weeks, but I kept resisting. I just didn’t think I could fill out 50 things I like about myself.

For the last several days, my homework was to do some self reflection. She said for 15 minutes a day, go into a quiet space (without your phone!) and just sit with your thoughts. Another thing I’m not good at – sitting with my thoughts generally sends me into a panic and before I know it I’m scrolling Facebook and TikTok.

Still, a deal is a deal and I promised myself I was going to give this a fair shot. So, today is the fourth day in a row that I’ve left my phone on the desk and sat in a chair staring into the abyss. The first day, I unexpectedly just started crying through most of my 15 minutes and it actually turned into a couple of hours of self reflection.

Day two – well, I only sat for 45 minutes, but I started to gain some clarity on myself and what I want from this crazy thing called life.

Day three – that ended up being quite a doozy because it brought up some thoughts that turned into a roughly four hour discussion with my husband about things we want to do and things we need to do.

Then today – for some reason, the list of 50 things I like about myself was heavy on my mind. So heavy in fact, that I sat outside in a chair staring at the sky stumped about what I could add to my journal before my next therapy appointment on Wednesday.

When I got hot enough from the sun switching positions and hitting my skin, I came inside, and I opened my mind even further.

A Moment of Inspiration

I decided to read some lists others have written about self love to inspire me to think more deeply about things I actually like or love about myself.

I was surprised as I started thinking about myself how much more easily I wrote out 30 more things I like or love about me. I added my full list of 50 things to a special sheet to re-read in moments of self doubt.

Below is my list of 50 things I like about myself. I share it in hopes that it will inspire you to write your own list. Self love is important, and we all need to learn how to love ourselves. I’m still very much a work in progress, but I feel like this is the best start on my path I’ve had in years!

Finally! 50 Things I Like About Myself

  1. My cooking. I’m a damn good cook. My husband and I barely like to go out to eat anymore because we prefer my cooking
  2. My creativity. I love how creative I am in business and in life
  3. My boobs. 😆 it feels funny to say that, but I’ve always loved having bigger boobs
  4. My smile. When it’s an authentic one, I feel prettier
  5. My bright blue eyes.
  6. How I take care of my dogs
  7. I’m good at drawing from examples. Like I can look at a cartoon and draw the characters pretty well.
  8. I like that I’m pretty good at talking to strangers
  9. I want to help other people
  10. I am always trying to learn something new
  11. I like that I’m always trying to think of ways to make my life easier and better
  12. That I advocated for myself to try therapy again
  13. That I’m trying to improve my life and mindset
  14. That I’ve not given up on life
  15. I love how much I love to laugh
  16. I love my ability to make others laugh and feel better
  17. Though my feet hurt right now (I have plantar fasciitis), I love that they have carried me through life so far
  18. I love my hands that type out my blogs and articles for myself and my clients.
  19. I’m loyal, though I fear I’m too loyal at times
  20. I like that I always want to do the right thing even when I don’t know what that is
  21. I’m always looking for an easy solution to complex problems – thinking outside of the box is a good thing
  22. I like my desire to see the world – I like that I’m open to seeing and trying new things
  23. I like my sense of adventure – even when it’s not as open-minded and free as I would prefer
  24. I like my ability to take random ingredients and come up with new dishes
  25. I like that I don’t want to just quit people or projects
  26. My legs that have supported me and been strong for me
  27. My cute haircut and my willingness to randomly chop off all my hair when I want a change
  28. I like that I care so fiercely for others – my open and loving heart is a good quality
  29. I went against what others told me and married my husband when I did. We celebrate 16 years Friday 7/29/22
  30. I like that I try new things even when I’m uncomfortable
  31. I like my rhythm and the way I can move my body when a good beat comes on
  32. I like my singing voice most of the time 😆. I love learning songs and then singing them
  33. My ability to retain lyrics and movie lines and blurt them out at random
  34. I like my sense of humor. I find some things funny that other people don’t, but that’s okay. Life is more fun w/ laughter
  35. I love my ability to love others
  36. When I do ask questions to get answers to things I don’t know/understand. Even when I feel silly asking questions, I like what the answers reveal. I want to ask even more questions and feel comfortable asking
  37. I like how many chances I give people. Though sometimes I shouldn’t with some people, I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt
  38. I’m looking for the good in others – I want to believe everyone has good in them
  39. I love my curiosity – I want to know alllllllll the things
  40. I love that I want to share the success stories of others. I want everyone to succeed, and I love sharing the cool things they are doing
  41. I love that I’m able to take care of myself. I am grateful I can wash my body, brush my teeth, cook for myself, etc…
  42. I love my woo woo and witchy ways. I abandoned that side of myself for too long, and now I’m embracing my inner witch and loving it
  43. I love that I always try to finish what I start. Though I have abandoned many projects, I’m grateful and proud of the ones I completed!
  44. I like that I got my college degree. Even though I don’t really use it, I’m proud of myself for completing my education to the level I did, and honestly think about getting my masters and PhD someday
  45. I like that I am 37 years old. While it bugs me I haven’t accomplished as much as I want to by now, I feel fortunate to be 37 because it wasn’t that long ago (in the grand scheme of things) where women and men didn’t make it to this age
  46. I love that ideas pour out of me as effortlessly as water from a waterfall. I’m a constant source of ideas
  47. I like that I take risks. Some of my big risks have blown up in my face, but some actually turned out okay
  48. I love that I have achieved many of my goals. I REALLY want to work on remembering this when I’m feeling down or like a failure – I’ve actually accomplished a lot – some things that people dream about and never achieve I have done
  49. I love my commitment to making my life better. I will never stop trying to make things better
  50. I love that I have survived 100% of my bad days and will continue surviving!!!

Your Turn – Write Your Own List!

Like I said, my hope with sharing this list is to inspire you to think about what you love about yourself. Here are some links to some of the posts I read that inspired me to finally complete my own list:

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