Casamigos Tequila Review

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At the Tampa Bay Metro “Summer with Style Party” on May 1, 2014 I had the opportunity to sample  Casamigos Tequila. Here is the description from their website: George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman bring you Casamigos, a
small batch, ultra premium tequila made from the finest, hand-selected
100% Blue Weber agaves, grown in the rich red clay soil and cool climate
of the Highlands of Jalisco Mexico.

I sampled the Blanco. This tequila is better than most tequilas I have sampled in the past. I came to this conclusion before learning that George Clooney is one of the folks behind the bottle by the way 😉

It was smooth as a shot and also tasted really good in the mixed drink that was being offered at the party. With most tequilas I need salt and lime to be able to handle a shot, but this tequila didn’t really need the fluff. It was good on its own.

The Blanco Casamigos Tequila is aged for two months. Their “agave piñas are roasted in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours” and their “Master Distiller uses a special yeast blend to ensure refined flavor, unlike the commercial yeasts others use.”

This tequila is gluten-free and has no unnecessary additives. It is fermented slowly over 80 hours compared to the average 48.

Now that I have tried the Tequila I want to buy a bottle of it but sadly…I can’t seem to find a distributor or store that carries it in my area. The only zip code I found that yielded a result was Manhattan, New York. UGH- Come to Florida George!!! People drink Tequila here too!!!

If it’s sold near you, I would definitely recommend the Blanco Casamigos Tequila. It’s smooth, delicious and I want more…

***Update- I just found out you can buy it online HERE!  It’s $44.99 and can be shipped to most states. The states they cannot ship to are: Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas and Massachusetts. Currently they don’t ship internationally.