Could Your Customer Testimonials Be a Blog Post?

One of the things I’m asked all the time is “Where can I get more blogging content for my business blog?” Well, you may already have some blogging content gold in your inbox right now! They’re your customer testimonials!

Are you a travel agent? Perhaps you had a client go on a trip that completely knocked their socks off and they sent you a glowing e-mail about how awesome you and your business are. Why not use that testimonial to share the trip with your potential and current customers? Who knows? It could yield additional bookings for that same experience.

Maybe you’re a hair stylist who made someone’s day because you did their hair just perfectly for their wedding day. That should be featured! Bonus points if you get permission from the client to share the images of how awesome their hair looked!

Pro tip: Always ask permission before sharing images and/or words your clients give you

Another example could be a personal trainer or nutritionist who helped their clients get to their goal weight. These amazing results should be shared to inspire new people to sign with you.

I’m sure you’re starting to see the point I’m trying to make – testimonials as blog content not only show off how awesome you and your business are, they also:

  1. Show people real results that they too can have if they work with you
  2. Give you a way to showcase products and services that people might not even realize you offer
  3. Provide you with content that practically writes itself

How can you get some glowing testimonials?

Ask for them! Every time you work with a client, ask for feedback. Sure, the reviews they give you may not always be awesome, but getting feedback never hurt anyone. You want to make your business better don’t you? Consider any type of feedback a win-win.

– If they love you BOOM instant blog content

–  If they didn’t love you BOOM opportunity to grow and improve

You’re welcome!

Mixing testimonials in with your current blog content calendar can give you a reprieve when you’ve got writer’s block, and it could also inspire additional content topics. And just like that, your business blog got a little better.