I Forgive Me – 2013 Regrets

I have a few regrets for 2013 that I would like to share. It’s not easy to share regrets, but I kind of feel like airing our regrets out is the only way to forgive ourselves and move on.

I regret holding onto anger and sadness for things people have said to me- recent past and even things from long ago.

I regret not working harder towards my goals.

I regret not calling/e-mailing people I said I would keep in touch with.

I regret not spending more time with some of my family and friends. I regret any moment longer that I spent with anyone that I did not want to be spending time with.

I regret not taking better care of myself- including the things I have consumed and my lack of physical activity.

I regret some lies I have told and secrets I’ve kept regardless of the reasons for doing so.

I regret not living more in the now even after I swore I would.

There, I think that covers everything. These are my regrets. Now, I must forgive…

I forgive every single person in my past that has something negative to me or about me. I forgive every single person in my past who has hurt me whether they meant to or not. I forgive myself for bad things I may have said or done in retaliation. I want to go into 2014 with a clean slate in regards to my feelings about people and believing that there is genuine good in folks.

I now forgive myself for not working harder on my goals and intend to spend 2014 doing just that. I will take another look at the things I want in life and spend every day making the dreams into realities.

I forgive myself for not calling/e-mailing and not keeping in touch. I plan on doing a better job of hanging on to relationships and forming new ones in 2014. I will spend more time with people I want to spend time with and stop spending time with those I don’t care to spend time with.

I now forgive myself for not taking care of myself and look forward to going into 2014 with the plan to eat better, drink better, work out more, meditate more and take better care of my mind, body and spirit.

I now forgive myself for lies and secrets and plan to make things right in 2014. I will pay off my debts and free myself of my shackles.

I now forgive myself for not living in the moment. I plan to try harder in 2014 to appreciate every single moment I have and only do the things I actually want to do that will be for the benefit of my wishes, hopes and dreams.

What do you want more of in 2014? What are your regrets? Air it out and then forgive yourself!

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