How To Have A Beautiful Wedding On A Budget

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now to start with the wedding plans, but there is just one problem: the cost of a wedding these days is crazy. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a wedding there is good news you don’t have to spend that much, and still have a fabulous wedding.

The first thing you are going to want to get is a note pad. The will enable you to write down any notes you want to take also. You can separate it into pages for individual parts of the weeding ranging from the flowers to bridesmaids. This little book could mean the difference between forgetting something and not forgetting that one important detail.

Lets talk about the most important outfit of the day your wedding gown. Today some women spend thousands on a beautiful gown, however this is not necessary. There are a few ways to find the dream dress for you and at a reasonable cost. The first way is to wait till the wedding season is over and then hit your favorite bridal stores for those amazing dress sales.

It is not a bad thing to buy your dress in the sales, it just means you get the dress at a cheaper price and what could be better than that? after all you will only wear the dress once. Another way to find a great wedding dress a good price is to look on e-bay. Worried the dress may not fit? Many of the dresses on e-bay actually get made to fit your measurements, so it is made to fit you. If you like a dress on e-bay that does not get made to fit you, do not panic, get the dress and find a good priced tailor or someone who can sew and get them to fix what needs fixing.

Bridesmaids dresses: There is no need to get custom made bridesmaids dresses. When prom season is done go to the stores and check out the sales. You would be surprised what you can find. Just because it is a “prom dress” does not mean that it can not be used as a bridesmaids gown. And in reality how will ever know the difference?

The mens tux: There is no need to go out and buy a whole bunch of expensive tuxes, unless your groom plans on wearing it more than once. Instead hire out the tux for the day. You can find tuxes to go with the type of wedding you are planning. You can even go with your groom to make sure he does not pick out something that is the complete opposite of what the wedding intends to look like.

Flowers: The bouquet you need to worry about is yours, after all yours is the bouquet everyone looks at. For the bridesmaids instead of giving all of them a bouquet how about just having a single flower such as a Lilly or rose with some ribbon for detail. It maybe small but they also look so beautiful. There are some alternatives to having flowers at the alter, how about having a few candles, just make sure that they are placed in positions where no one will catch fire, or you could find yourself having a wedding remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Center pieces: Having flowers on every table at the reception can get very expensive. So how about having candles and maybe some confetti. The candles will add a sense of extra romance to the day. They will look beautiful and set of any wedding day.

Food: Having caterers do the food does mean less work for you however they can get costly. Get some friends and family to band together and make some food for the big event. It does not have to spectacular after all most people that attend weddings normal just want food that they can pick at rather than having a huge great meal.

These are only a few parts of a wedding, however i hope this will give you some ideas and tips on how to have a great wedding and not have to pay a huge amount of money. It funny how when you start a wedding on a budget it all seems to fall into place and you naturally start looking at ways to reduce the cost.

The main thing to remember is that the wedding as an event is just a small part of the day, the big thing is the love you and your groom want to share with your family and friends. No cost should put a barrier between the two of you on your special day.