Dressing Like A Celebrity On A Budget

Celebrity offers the impression of elegance and sophistication. While this is not always the case, any individual can look expensively dressed with a few simple ideas. Decide which celebrities are worth emulating because some wear some strange outfits and it depends on the image you wish to portray.

Begin by working out how much you can spent during a month or year. What is a safe amount which will give you the look you want without damaging you other commitments.

Read the magazines and keep a sharp eye out for current trends. Decide which items, if any, will suit your body shape, coloring and style. The secret to looking well dressed is knowing what looks best on you. Sometimes avoiding a fashion trend all together will make you stand out. Some cuts of clothing, however fashionable will never look good on every body shape and are best left alone.

Current taste in colors might flatter some but can look dreadful on others. Find tones which are close but set your skin off more successfully. By developing your own style you can build a basic wardrobe of simple, well cut clothes which enhance your appearance. If the basics are well done, the addition of an inexpensive current item like a top or jewelry can give that twist which shows you know what is in without revealing what you spent. Mixing and matching quality and low cost is a subtle art.

When you know what is current, then look at magazines and round the shops to find alternative, inexpensive versions. There are some stores who specialize in current fashion items which cost much less than they would in a high street store and they pride themselves on what they can offer. These places might take time to hunt through for what you want but they will certainly give you a bargain.

The next stage is to remember less is more. Celebrities tend not to load themselves with costume jewelry. They may wear some extremely expensive ornaments but there are always inexpensive alternatives which are affordable and will give the subliminal impression that they are worth more than they cost if the rest of the outfit is elegant. When the fashion has moved on, you can put them aside until they come round again. Besides, celebrities often are given or lent clothes and jewelry to advertise the fashion houses. The ordinary person does not have this sort of access.

Dressing like a celebrity but on a budget requires planning and discipline. It requires some dedication to keep up to date with current fashion and what the celebrities are wearing.