Gimme More StripTease Winghouse! Reviewing Their New Menu

Thanks to my partnership with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was given a free meal tasting at Winghouse in exchange for this post and some social media love. However, this has not impacted my review and all opinions are my own.

On Tuesday, March, 21st the hubby and I had the pleasure of checking out Winghouse’s new limited time Striptease Menu.

I for one am always down for a good strip – chicken strip that is! And, Winghouse certainly delivered quite a few of those. Check out some of the delicious menu items we got to stuff our faces with:

The first thing we got to try was Flip Flop Wines’ new canned wine. I tried the Crisp White, and the hubby tried the Fizzy Moscato. I preferred it in a glass, and he preferred it in the can. Neither one of us are really drinking alcohol right now though, so after a few sips we switched to soda and water.

I will say this though, if I was going to get down with some wines, these are crisp and refreshing. Bummer factor? They’re less than 6% alcohol whereas Flip Flop white wine is normally about double that. Therefore, I’ll stick with my Flip Flop Pinot Grigio when buzzing about.

From here on out it’s all food, and the first food item we sampled was the Fully Loaded Fresh Potato Chips – This appetizer features house-made fresh chips that are flash-fried to a golden brown. They are lightly salted and crispy good. Then, if the chips alone weren’t enough, they are covered with blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and hot sauce, and served with creamy ranch dip and WingHouse cheese sauce.

Holy noms Batman!!! This was pretty yummy, but I knew I had to pace myself because loads more was coming my way.

You can’t tell it from the photo, but these golden brown nuggets are actually Fried Cheesy Broccoli Bites! They are filled with creamy cheese and tender broccoli. It’s kind of like broccoli cheese soup in a bite, except they’re perfect for sharing. My hubby loved them with the tangy dipping sauce they’re served with, but I preferred them plain. So good!!!

Next up was the Shrimp and Chicken Combo! The shrimp and chicken combo features both buffalo shrimp and chicken strips made with a zesty blend of WingHouse seasonings. And if you need something to dip them in, it’s served with ranch dressing. I LOVED this shareable! The shrimp was super tasty, and that chicken – it was finger lickin good!

This is where things got REALLY exciting when we got to try this triple threat you see above. Yep, we didn’t indulge in just one entree, we tried THREE, and I was in Heaven.

From left to right here’s what you’re looking at.

The Stripclub features grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and WingHouse’s signature sauce. It was pretty tasty.

The Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap in the middle features golden fried chicken, bacon, ranch, tomatoes, and cheese. This delicious concoction is wrapped in a Chipotle wrap and served with a dill pickle and chips. Now, it was good, but not as good as the Stripclub, and didn’t hold a candle to what we got next…

The Strip Cheese! Ohmigosh you guys, this sandwich was so good I actually took one home to eat for lunch the next. It is the best thing to happen to a grilled cheese since someone decided to add meat m’kay?!? This glorious sammich features chicken strips, gooey pepperjack cheese, bacon strips and tomatoes on marble rye bread.

Jealous of my dinner yet?

We were nearly bursting at the seams eating all this yumminess. But wait, there was dessert.

Deep Fried Twinkies ya’ll. Yep, that’s what you see here in all it’s gooeyness….deep-fried-Twinkies. Deep fried Twinkies drizzled with a raspberry sauce – certainly a sweet way to end a blogger tasting!

But, if I’m being 100% honest, and you guys know I am – these were just a little too sweet for me. My hubby felt that way too. In his words, “Twinkies are already delicious, why change that?” I couldn’t agree more with him. Sorry America, but you can keep this fried dessert…

Welp, that about wraps up my Winghouse Striptease tasting experience. Overall, we had a fabulous time, and the food was great. Out of everything we tried, the Stripcheese is hands down the best thing I ate. I HIGHLY recommend it, and secretly hope they keep it on their permanent menu. Just in case though, hurry and get to Winghouse now so you can try all the goods on this limited time menu!


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