Halloween Drinks Part 2

Welcome to Halloween Drinks Part 2. Gotta love Halloween Cocktails don’t ya?

Bloody Braintini (pictured above):

Okay, this drink is gross as a martini. Should totally have done it as a
shot! The texture is just to gross to drink as a martini. Trust me! So,
here’s how to make it as a shot instead of the original recipe I was
planning to post:

– Baileys
– Florida Cane Cherry Vodka
– Red food coloring

– Add a shot of the vodka into a cocktail shaker over ice and one drop of red food coloring 
– shake and strain into a shot glass filling the glass about 2/3 of the way
– Pour Baileys into the shot glass… it will curdle making the brain effect in the glass (I didn’t use cold Baileys but you totally could)
-Shoot it!

Tastes like a chocolate cherry tootsie roll.

Verdict: TREAT! but only as a shot. Don’t try it as a martini because
then it’s totally a nasty trick! YUCK Check out Halloween drinks part
one, HERE!

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Next, the  SCREAMing Orgasm Shot:

– Baileys
– Kahlua
– Unflavored Vodka

– pour one oz each of the liquors into a cocktail shaker over ice.
– Shake and strain into a big shot glass
– Shoot it!

If you are too lazy to make this drink on your own, do what I did and get the Twisted Shotz pictured above. Yum! Read my review of Twisted Shotz HERE!

Verdict: TREAT! Check out Halloween drinks part one, HERE!

The final drink is something fun to make with leftover Halloween candy!


This is the Fish Bowl Drank from Tipsy Bartender. Love this drink guys. SRSLY! This is my spin on it though. Not the recipe from the video.

Fish Bowl Cocktail
– Florida Cane Cherry Vodka
– Blue fruit punch (I used Dollar Trees ghetto berry but you could also use blue Hawaiian Punch)
Nerds Candy(the gravel for the bowl)
Swedish Fish (the fish- duh!)
Fish bowl (the one I used holds about a quart of liquid)

– Line the bottom of the bowl with Nerds Candy. Not too much- just a thin line!
– Fill the bowl with ice
– pour about 2 to 6 oz of Florida Cane Cherry Vodka into the Fish bowl over ice. I wanted it potent so I added 6 oz.
– Fill the rest of the bowl with the blue fruit punch
– Add the Swedish Fish
– Using a straw drink up! Don’t let the
straw hit the bottom of the glass or you might suck one of them damn
nerds into the back of your throat and choke like I did! BLEH!

More on the Florida Cane Vodka– this stuff comes in 11 different flavors. You can get all 11 from the awesome Gaspar’s liquor store located on 56th street at Gaspar’s Patio.
It’s cheap and delicious and you will be glad you tried it. So, support
your local biznezz  and go get this vodka! Please drink responsibly!

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