How To Feel More Feminine

It’s three hours before your big first date, with a guy whom you think could be Mr. Right. You want to look your absolute best, which requires feeling your absolute best. But you’ve had a rough day; you’ve had to cope with a lot, and you feel much more manly than you would like to. You want to feel soft and feminine, the perfect woman to impress Mr. Right.

So how? How are you going to make yourself feel feminine and beautiful?

Bubble bath time!

Yes, the first thing to do is stick the plug in the drain of the bathtub, crank on the hot water, and pour in a cup of sweet-scented bubble bath. Soaking in water, especially water laced with skin-softening additives, helps to relax you and relieve the stress of your day. It washes away the dirt grime, creating a more feminine mindset.

In the East, harem women would soak for hours in gigantic, bubbly baths, for pretty much the same reason that you are.

Moisturize and Massage

All right, you’ve been soaking luxuriously in the bath for some time. You get out, pull on your robe, and return to your room.

Now, the next step in making yourself feel more feminine is to massage. Massaging relaxes even further your muscles and makes the skin softer and more supple. You can use either massaging oils or lotion.

Lotions are great everyday moisturizers and work well for massages. Massage oils are wonderful, but they take a long time to sink into the skin. So, if you have somewhere to be within an hour or two, I wouldn’t advise massage oils. The massage medium of my preference is gelled body oil because it gives the luxury of oil, but soaks into the skin faster, like a lotion. It essentially gives you the best of both worlds.

You should give yourself a massage within five to ten minutes after getting out of the bath. Massaging within this time period ensures that the softness of your skin from the bath is kept. When massaging, you should use long, elegant, upward strokes. I suggest starting at your feet and slowly working your way up.


After washing your hands-free of excess lotion or oil, you have at least a half-hour to wait for the lotion to soak in completely. This would be a great time to polish your nails, another way to get even more into the feminine mindset.

Select a soft, gentle color. Dark colors such as black and dark blue insinuate manliness; reds suggest seductress. For a feminine set, try a soft shell pink, or a French manicure. Remember to do your tootsies too! While you’re drying, try reading a romance. Reading a romance can sometimes put you in a romantic mood.

Silk and Lace

You should be feeling pretty feminine by now. But we’re not done yet. Now that you feel feminine, it’s time to start to look feminine. Wearing silky underclothes keeps you feeling deliciously feminine, which in turn makes you look feminine.

Lace also implies femininity. It’s elegant and delicate, just like a feminine woman is. Currently, a lot of lace is in style. However, no matter what the style of the hour is, you should wear what makes you look your best.

There are so many more ways to feel feminine. The latter process is my personal way to get into a feminine mindset, which I utilize before a date, big occasion, or even sometimes just for fun. Create your own process of femininity – maybe add a facial to the mix? Do what you like, and have fun. For when you’re having fun, you’re at your best.