How to Make Your Brand Go Viral With AI Tools

In this post we’ll explore how to make your brand go viral with AI tools. Around these parts we’re all about working smarter, not harder!

Rather than doing a bunch of research and guessing about how to make a brand famous, I decided to ask marketers what they were doing to get their brand out there to the masses. Whether you hope to have a viral clothing brand, a viral brand shampoo, or just want more people to know about your business, keep reading.

From Sentiment Analysis to ManyChat to ChatGPT, below are 14 answers to the question, “What is one AI tool that you are using to market your business that is actually working? “

14 AI Tools to Help You Become Famous Online

  • Sentiment Analysis Helps You Understand Customer Behavior
  • Textio Helps Us Market to the Right Job Candidates.
  • For Personalized Videos 
  • Semrush Streamlines My Marketing Process
  • Creates Stylish Landing Pages 
  • Fullstory Records The User Journey 
  • Helps You Generate Content Quickly 
  • ManyChat Helps You Manage Complex Customer Journeys 
  • Neauraltext Takes Content From Ideation to Execution 
  • Marketo Engage Automates Marketing Tasks 
  • Generates Unique Versions of Ads
  • Netbase Quid Analyzes Large Amounts of Unstructured Data
  • Specialized in Personal Emails
  • ChatGPT Cab be Used for Ai-powered Content Inspiration

Sentiment Analysis Helps You Understand Customer Behavior

How to Make Your Brand Go Viral Michael Alexis

One surprisingly effective AI tool I’m using to market my business is sentiment analysis. In a nutshell, sentiment analysis measures user sentiment from natural language to quantify a customer’s emotional response. This helps me better understand consumer behavior and their wants and needs so that I can tailor my campaigns for better engagement on social media, email campaigns, or even in person. By analyzing consumer sentiment, I have been able to develop more targeted strategies and adjust existing marketing techniques to encourage increased engagement with my business.

Michael Alexis, CEO,

Textio Helps Us Market to the Right Job Candidates

We use Textio to help market ourselves to prospective employees. Initially, we were impressed with the fact that huge corporations like Twitter and Microsoft use it. Since we incorporated Textio, we’ve seen a quantifiable uptick in promising talent leads. The tool uses AI to score job descriptions so we know what the likelihood is that our listing will attract the right applicants. The AI functionality also helps eliminate gender bias, which is important for our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Jae Pak, MD, Jae Pak MD Medical For Personalized Videos 

Made for e-commerce, but the use cases are endless. Has anyone ever wanted to get some video content done only to get sticker shocked at the price for a couple of one-minute short videos that you can send links for? I went through that until I found You record two or three scripted videos that you script. Then you can email out personalized videos to customers or whoever your target is, where you say their name. Deepfake AI learns your voice and can substitute a different name in your voice.

How to Make Your Brand Go Viral Matthew Jones

In an e-commerce context, imagine a thank you video from the CEO of whatever company you just bought from; he looks you right in the eye and says, “Hey Matt” (or Steve or Tom, or whatever), “I wanted to personally thank you for purchasing our product,” then your recorded video message. So much more personal than generic emails. Much higher engagement and far fewer abandoned carts. I use it in recruiting to tell candidates about myself and what to expect working with me. One hundred dollars a month for one thousand videos.

Matthew Jones, Senior It Recruiter, VIP Tech Consultants

Semrush Streamlines My Marketing Process

I’m a big fan of SEMrush because it has a suite of AI features for SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, analytics, and more! It’s almost like a Swiss Army knife for marketers. For example, one of my favorite features is its position tracker, which allows me to see how my competition ranks for certain keywords. The Content Marketing Toolkit is also handy since it lets you perform topic searches, and the AI will find out what’s trending so you can create content around it. So if you’re looking to boost Google rankings and optimize your marketing campaigns, consider SEMrush.

Scott Lieberman, Owner, Touchdown Money Creates Stylish Landing Pages 

How to Make Your Brand Go Viral Daniel Foley

Uizard assists in creating eye-catching and stylish landing pages that improve marketing by drawing users to the website and giving them a better user experience. Users can quickly adapt the landing page to meet their needs with the help of its drag-and-drop components. 

Additionally, the wireframe mode in Uizard offers a fantastic user flow. In my opinion, it doesn’t just develop landing pages; it also creates desktop software, web apps, and mobile apps in a matter of minutes. It also features a sizable selection of themes that can be manually modified according to your marketing plan using various styles and patterns.

Daniel Foley, Founder, Daniel Foley Consultancy

Fullstory Records The User Journey 

When discussing the digital experience, Fullstory refers to a user’s steps, from landing on a page to making a purchase (or dismissal). They emphasize that unexpected user behavior can teach you something you otherwise wouldn’t have known.

Fullstory uses artificial intelligence to record a user’s every mouse click, scroll, and page view throughout their entire session, allowing unprecedented levels of insight into their behavior. To gain further understanding, this can be compared to the experiences of thousands of other site visitors. Fullstory takes advantage of the speed and scalability of AI automation to spot flaws and gains in a far shorter amount of time than a human observer could.

Customers will be retained at a higher rate, costs will be reduced, and the site’s user experience will be vastly enhanced, according to the makers of Fullstory. The Gap, Zipcar, Icelandair, and Forbes are just a few of their current clients.

Nathan Hughes, Founder, Art Ignition Helps You Generate Content Quickly 

We have tried Chat GBT, and it is good, but we feel Copy.AI is better. You can generate high-quality written content quickly and easily. You enter a prompt or keyword, and the tool generates relevant content that can be edited and customized to meet your needs.

How to Make Your Brand Go Viral Shane McEvoy offers a range of features, including content templates and pre-written content snippets, as well as analytics and reporting capabilities. It’s designed to be user-friendly and can help save time and effort in content creation. It also has a large library of pre-written content snippets that can be used as inspiration or incorporated into your own content, and I found this saves an immense amount of time if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media

ManyChat Helps You Manage Complex Customer Journeys 

As a business owner, I have found ManyChat to be an invaluable tool for marketing my business. ManyChat is artificial intelligence (AI) software that helps build relationships with customers through conversational marketing and can assist in automated customer service. It has enabled me to use text messages, image content, and more to reach out to both prospective and existing customers.

One thing I especially love about ManyChat is its ability to manage very complex customer journeys depending on the profile of each individual customer. This tool has really helped me nurture my clients’ interactions and made it easier for them to find the information they need, leading to increased engagement and a positive sentiment toward our brand.

Ludovic Chung-Sao, Lead Engineer and Founder, Zen Soundproof

Neauraltext Takes Content From Ideation to Execution 

How to Make Your Brand Go Viral Spencer Reese

The AI tool we are currently using to market our business is Neuraltext. It is an automated copywriting and SEO content tool. This software has made producing content much easier for us, as it can handle the entire process, from ideation to execution. All you have to do is produce one copy of your content, and this tool will create multiple compositions with slight variations. We can use any of its 50 templates, which can be implemented any time we want. It can also be used for keyword research, which helps us generate well-researched content.

Spencer Reese, CEO, Military Money Manual

Marketo Engage Automates Marketing Tasks 

We’re using Marketo Engage by Adobe to automate our marketing tasks. With the help of predictive AI, it can segment customers and prospects, which brings great results for our UX/UI design agency. The ability to get leads and prospect them with minimal effort has certainly helped us gain more creative freedom, which is the main currency for creative niches like us. The rich behavioral data analytics helps to engage with potential customers to get the most value. Plus, they are also used by some of the top brands to save time and get results.

Arsh Sanwarwala, Founder and CEO, ThrillX

Netbase Quid Analyzes Large Amounts of Unstructured Data

Our health and wellness start-up has had a lot of marketing success on social media. One of our key strategies is to do extensive content research to know what potential customers are reading and the content they regularly interact with. However, we couldn’t have done all this without Netbase Quid.

How to Make Your Brand Go Viral Logan Nguyen

This is basically an AI-powered market intelligence platform that provides insights and analysis to help companies make data-driven marketing decisions. The tool uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of unstructured data from social media, news, and other online sources.

Netbase Quid can help companies understand consumer sentiment, brand perception, and market trends in their specific areas of operation. This gives you a considerable head start when you are trying to optimize your social media campaign for better results.

Logan Nguyen, Co-founder, MIDSS Generates Unique Versions of Ads

I consider this AI software to be the most effective one for business-to-business marketing. is an AI-automated advertising platform that can produce high-quality ad creatives quickly and in large quantities. It uses millions of successful ad campaigns to train a robust Machine Learning (ML) model that gets better with each iteration. The trained model is familiar with the process that leads to effective advertising. It determines where in the advertisement each individual advertising component will appear.

The AI-generated ad creative intelligently positions the product image, company logo, and ad copy content to boost conversion rates. In a matter of seconds, the advertising platform can generate hundreds of unique versions of an ad. This expedites the process of creating and executing effective advertising campaigns, which in turn boosts the return on investment for the company.

Timothy Allen, Sr. Corporate Investigator, Corporate Investigation Consulting Specialized in Personal Emails

How to Make Your Brand Go Viral Hitesh Gupta

We’ve been using as a marketing tool for three months now, and have seen some impressive results. The tool specializes in personalized emails, which we use for outreach marketing. It creates personalized headers that the target audience is more likely to click on, and integrates backlinks into the copy it writes for you. This means my small marketing team has more time to focus on strategy, and a great tool to implement their strategies.

Hitesh Gupta, Dentist, The Smile Factory

ChatGPT Can be Used for AI-powered Content Inspiration

I don’t rely much on AI tools for content creation. The end result usually requires a lot of heavy edits, and the output is just not very good. That said, I often use ChatGPT for content inspiration. When I’m not feeling particularly creative, and I’m trying to write a section of an article that has a simple answer, I consult ChatGPT for some ideas. More often than not, the tool can actually give great answers when the prompt is something basic like “What is X? Explain in Y Words” or “What are the top X benefits of Y? Explain in Z words.” Of course, I still always end up editing the AI output, but this way, I manage to get more writing done faster.
Nick Zviadadze, Founder, MintSEO