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I’m on a boat…err I mean I’m featured on a blog about being on a boat! How cool is that?!? A couple of weeks ago I was super honored to be asked by Imperial Cruise & Travel if I would write a guest post about my amazeballs honeymoon with Carnival Cruise Line. Of course I accepted! Here’s the post that was live on their website:

Honeymooning with Carnival Cruise Line

This following is a guest post by “Famous Ashley Grant”. Ashley is a writer and photographer based in Tampa, Fla. I recently caught up with Ashley to find out what her thoughts were on cruises for honeymoons and it just so happens that she went on a cruise for her honeymoon. Here’s what she had to say:

When my husband and I were considering options for our honeymoon we were honestly quite overwhelmed with all of the destinations to consider. We knew that our ultimate goals were to have a honeymoon that wasn’t outrageously expensive, would allow us to see more than one place, would get us out of the country, would include some entertainment, and wouldn’t require a lot of extra money for food. I guess you could say we were looking for an all-inclusive vacation, but since we wanted to see more than one place traveling to just one resort for a week’s stay was out of the question.

After hearing about some of our friends going on cruises and how much fun they had we realized that a cruise would give us everything we wanted for our honeymoon and more. We live in Tampa and there are several cruises that depart from the terminal here so our hunt for a cruise began where we live. After looking at all the cruises departing from here around our wedding date we settled on a Carnival cruise that happened to be leaving the day after our wedding for a seven day, six night Western Caribbean adventure with stops in Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize and Grand Cayman.

The entire week was bliss. All of our meals were included, we got to see a few fun shows on the ship, and we even had some money left over for a couple excursions. We did the cave tubing in Belize which I definitely recommend and we went snorkeling in Grand Cayman. I really wanted to stay at one of those grand cayman villas but we didn’t get to this time. In Cozumel we made our own fun by renting a jeep and driving around the island stopping at a couple of spots for pictures along the way.

My favorite part about our honeymoon is we didn’t have to worry about anything because the ship took care of it all. They even gave us a few perks because it was our honeymoon like a few free drinks and a table just for us at dinner. That vacation is by far the best one I’ve ever had and ever since we got back to dry land I’ve been anxiously awaiting the chance to go on our next cruise. If you’re looking for something all-inclusive for your honeymoon and want more than one destination in your itinerary I would highly recommend a cruise!

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