My Secret Love of Billboards

This post is sponsored by Irvin. Now that we've gotten that pesky FCC compliance out of the way, let's jam on my super secret love that is not a secret anymore.

Okay, that title might seem strange to you, but I secretly love billboards. Like a lot. When I was talking about it with a colleague earlier today I thought the love affair started in college, but as I pondered it further, I realized my love began somewhere in high school.

When I was on road trips with family I always loved seeing the various pictures and text on billboards. Then, in high school, I took a marketing class and I remember we analyzed several billboards for color, text size, and a variety of other factors.

I always found it fascinating that a large picture could reach a bunch of drivers passing by. This obsession only got crazier when I got to college and took an advertising class as part of my prerequisites for graduation. We had to write two papers that I remember vividly that semester. One was on Super Bowl Ads, and one was on – you guessed it – billboards.

That also was around the time my husband and I went to billboard city – New York City to be exact. Seeing all those flashing lights and large boards for a variety of businesses was so exciting for me. Am I alone in this? Leave a comment and tell me if you love billboards as much as I do.

Fast forward to today, and many billboard displays feature LED lights. What I love about that is the fact that these lights are more energy efficient, and they create brighter lights with better colors. They are vibrant and attention grabbing. If you think about the billboards you would have seen 10, or even 5, years ago compared to the ones you might see today, billboards have really come a long way!

The billboards we think about in the past are dull, and usually just pictures on a board above a highway. They might disappear at night when it gets dark, or be barely visible with the assistance of street lights. Luckily, advancements in technology have allowed billboards to proudly display their messages in bright LED light at all hours of the day.

In addition to LED lighting, there are also solar billboard lighting and solar sign lighting options. These lighting options are ideal for systems with a self-contained power source, where there is no or limited access to electricity. Adding electricity can be extremely costly, which can make solar billboard lighting a more affordable illumination of choice.

But, where do you even start if you are looking into your billboard options? My answer for you is Irvin, Inc. That’s where you start. Irvin Inc. is proud to partner with the best sign and billboard LED light manufacturers and component suppliers in the industry. Irvin, Inc. spends countless hours researching and testing all of their solar and LED billboard lighting to ensure that they are dependable, durable, and able to withstand all types of wind and weather.

Irvin, Inc. has been a trusted leader in billboard supplies for more than two decades. Providing billboard supplies for over 20 years now, Irvin also expanded its lines in recent years to include LED and solar lighting. In 2017, Irvin furthered its industry footprint by partnering with Lightking Outdoor to offer the industry’s most revolutionary, high resolution LED billboards and displays. Such alliances set Irvin apart, as the company takes time to aggressively pursue the continued introduction of the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market. Irvin collaborates with outdoor companies, sign shops, independent electrical contractors and other related enterprises to take their businesses to the next level.

There is a lot of technology and science that goes into billboards and when you are walking through Times Square in New York City, you would never think about that aspect of it, but if you are a business that is looking for billboard advertising solutions, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why Irvin, Inc. offers a versatile and customized approach to illumination through strategies that incorporate input from top engineering and manufacturing partners.

The proposals they give are as unique and they aim to create energy efficient lighting alternatives that maximize profitability and minimize carbon footprint. As inferior LED alternatives flood the market, Irvin, Inc. is committed to empowering clients with the tools and information necessary to make sound lighting decisions while providing the industry’s most reliable options and service.

While a secret love of billboards might be a strange love, I hope I have been able to help you see billboards in a new light (pun intended). I think the advancement in technology and how far billboards have come is so incredible, and it is amazing how much they can impact the people who see them.

There is a reason why people always think of Times Square, and the many beautiful billboards there, when they think of New York City. Let me know below if you share my love of billboards and advertisements, or if you have memories of cool billboards like the ones in Times Square!