Portion Control For Weight Loss

The Portion Teller, by Lisa Young, says to smart size, not supersize. Stop counting calories and pay attention to your portion sizes to lose weight.

The Portion Teller is a must-have weight control book by Lisa Young. Young explains that it is not what you eat but HOW MUCH you eat that makes you fat. Furthermore, to lose weight, you don’t have to cut calories. She says that knowing what a healthy serving size looks like and being able to correctly ‘eyeball’ the amount of a serving will help you shed pounds and stop you from unintentional overeating.

Growing Portions

The Portion Teller is filled with startling facts and statistics about portions and serving sizes. Knowing this information is important for making better choices and losing weight. Young compares the difference between a serving size now and several decades ago to show how we have supersized, as a nation. We eat 30-50% more now, and portions are truly out of control. Young blames these increasing portion sizes for the obesity epidemic we face today.

Overcoming the Obesity Epidemic

The solution to the obesity epidemic is as simple as reversing the things that made us fat. We need to smart size, not supersize our meals. By doing so, you’ll be able to eat the foods you love without cutting out entire food groups. Simply resist ordering the medium, large, and supersized portions when you eat out and measure everything you eat at home until it becomes second nature for you. Avoid overeating, and your body will adjust to the new portion sizes.

Be Aware of How Much You Eat

“The first step toward a lifelong change in your eating habits is portion-size awareness, the foundation of the Portion Teller program.” (24)

By learning what a portion really looks like, you will be able to find out exactly how much you have been overeating. Restaurants, for example, serve platters with 3-4 servings, and we often finish the entire plate without considering how much food we are really eating. You don’t need to track your calories to tell if you are overeating or not, but you must stop relying on fad diets and yoyo dieting. By becoming aware of what a portion size really is, you’ll be able to eat within your limits and lose weight sensibly.

Visualizing Food Portions

The Porton Teller describes a long list of food groups and specifics items and pairs them with a relatable item so you can mentally see what size serving you should have.

Portion examples:

 Meat – a deck of cards
 Fish – a checkbook
 Peanut butter – walnut
 Dressing – shot glass
 Butter- stamp
 Cereal – baseball
 Rice or pasta – half a baseball
 Bread- 1 CD
 Hard Cheese – 4 dice
 Mixed nuts – golf ball

Helpful tips for Becoming a Portion Teller

 Increase your daily fiber with whole wheat and veggies
 Realize that carbs aren't your enemy, and they, alone, won't make you fat
 Eat sweets in small portions to avoid feeling deprived
 Compare foods and make smart trade-offs to feel full longer
 Assess your food personality to make better choices
 Convert portions to serving sizes
 Use a diet diary to track your food portions