Prosperity Prayer

I’m sharing this lovely prosperity prayer today that I found on Seeds of Prosperity.

I’ve been trying to get more in tune with the law of attraction, and I’m loving how much more calm I’m becoming as I recite prayers and affirmations. I believe that my $10,000 a month profit goal is heading my way swiftly and easily. Enjoy this prosperity prayer, and be sure to head over to Seeds of Prosperity and show their site some love too!

Prosperity Prayer for more Money

Prosperity Prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you so much for all you have given me. I am so happy and grateful for the abundance I already have. You amaze me with your love, blessings and rewards we receive everyday without even asking or realizing what we are receiving.

Father, I give you my life and today surrender all my financial concerns to you. I already know that you have told me I do not need to worry or have fears about anything. You have already told us that you take care of everything and we just need to trust and have faith.

I completely trust that my finances and debts will be paid and I will have a constant flow of money in my life starting today.

I only think of the positive now never looking at the past. I believe that my prosperity is here and I thank you for it now. I also want to thank you for showing me how to handle my finances carefully and also for teaching me how my prosperity can be of help to your kingdom.

Father, thank you for all your great rewards! I will continue to work diligently and strive to do my best in all that I do.

Thank you God, Amen.

Thank you Seeds of Prosperity for sharing such a lovely prayer on your website.  I’m so grateful I found it today, and I’ve already recited it aloud! Here’s to a life filled with abundance for all!