Recap of my Visit to Oldsmar Chick-Fil-A and a Giveaway!

Thanks to my affiliation with Tampa Bay Bloggers, I got the chance to dine at Chick-Fil-A in Oldsmar. Although I did get to feast for free in exchange for a blog post and social media love, this didn’t have an impact on my recap. All opinions are my own!

Let me tell you guys, it was a fabulous night! I have been in a blah mood since losing my dad, and this was the first real outing I had scheduled of the New Year. Mixing food with friends turned out to be just what I needed! Here’s how it all went down…

First, we got schooled in all things Chick-fil-a. For example, did you know the reason the fil-a in the name is a play on the word filet? And, have you ever noticed that the C in the logo is a chicken?!? We also learned that the process to become a franchise owner is an extensive one. I consider this a testament to Chick-fil-a’s quality of service. They care so much about their brand that they are very careful with who they give one to. I actually love this about them!

Then, we ATE!!! I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to learn that my favoritest salad of like EVER was back on the menu. Check it out:

GAHHH!!! For those of you who don’t know, this sexy beast is the Southwest Chicken Salad. It is my like favorite thing EVER on the menu. I cried when they took it off, and I’m ecstatic it’s back!!!

Of course, there are some fries in the background because I don’t know about yous guys, but I can’t go to Chick-fil-a without ordering their waffle fries. I always get it with the Chick-fil-a sauce because duh! Dipping! It’s so good. If you haven’t tried it, you gotta try it. And, I totally recommend you stop by the Oldsmar location and give them some love if you are in the area.

Finally, if you are in the healthy eater mindset, Chick-fil-a has you covered there too. Check out this super food salad they have on the menu:

Oh yeah, that’s my kind of healthy eating. Want some of their food? The manager was nice enough to give me a calendar, and he gave me one to give away to you guys. I’m sorry I didn’t post this in time to let you score January’s free offer, but there are like 11 other months, if you win I really hope you will forgive me. Okay, get in on the giveaway below. And, if you can’t wait to learn if you won or not, you should check out the FREE APP, that lets you score freebies at Chick-fil-a. Be sure to like Chick-fil-a of Oldsmar on Facebook too. They often have fun events at their location that are worth checking out!

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