Rich Babe Challenge Welcome Video and Day 1

I’m Doing the Rich Babe Challenge!

So stoked to dive into the #RichBabeChallenge with @manifestationbabe. Just watched the welcome video, and about to check out video 1 for Day 1!  YAY for making this year a little more exciting already.

Diggin this quote from @manifestationbabe in her welcome video – “Money alone won’t make you happy, but the purpose it can serve in your life – that certainly will.” Love, love, LOVE it! Okay, no really now…onto day one’s video lol ?

aaaaand Rich Babe Challenge Day 1

I’ve been a student of the Law of Attraction for a while now, and I’m always watching for the lessons I need to hear the most. I think that’s one of the reasons I was drawn to @manifestationbabe and her #RichBabeChallenge. Yes, I am in Money Bootcamp with Denise DT, and yes I’ve read countless books similar to and including “The Secret.” Still, I felt compelled to join Kathrin’s challenge and once again explore my money blocks in hopes of unlocking the door that has been holding me back from becoming a Rich Babe.
My three favorite quotes from Day One’s video are:
1. You are the creator of your financial reality
2. The key to unlocking your inner Rich Babe is to take a good look at your money story
3. Step one of revolutionizing the way you attract money is to gain awareness of your money story.
I definitely am looking at my own story again, and considering the negative talk in my own head that has held me back from my true potential, and my biggest dreams. I plan to journal on each day’s videos, and I hope to share my progress on my blog if I get the courage to do so. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about day one’s challenge today, and word vomiting all over my word processor. .
Until tomorrow my #bloggyfriends – may your income be high and your hearts be full! Xoxo