The Summer Menu at Winghouse is an Overall WIN!

Tonight I had the exciting opportunity to try some of the yummy dishes at Ker’s Winghouse on Hillsborough Ave. with the Tampa Bay Bloggers. Although my meal was comped and I was given a gift card as compensation, this did not influence my review. All opinions below are my own.

Ker’s Winghouse unveiled its new summer menu and I gotta tell you guys, it’s damn tasty! Lots of pulled pork awesomeness and it’s an overall huge win in my book. Here’s what I tried tonight and what I thought of each item:

These yummy Pretzel Bites come with two dipping sauces – honey mustard and Wisconsin Cheese Sauce. I’m a bigger fan of the cheese for sure! Off to a good start? I’d say so. Give me more of the food!!!

Next up was The Pork Nachos. These nachos feature crunchy tortilla chips topped with slow roasted bbq pork, jalapenos, diced tomatoes, shredded cabbage, cilantro lime sauce and Wisconsin Cheese sauce. And yes. They’re every bit as delicious as they sound!!! I really liked these a lot and would highly recommend them.

Then, it was time for the Taco Salad which features lettuce topped with chili, cheese, diced tomato, fried jalapenos, tortilla chips, and a cilantro lime cream sauce. I personally would have done a different dressing for this salad, but it’s still pretty good nonetheless. The fried jalapenos were an interesting touch too. I’ve never seen that done before, but it worked and took away a bit of the spice.

After that we were given some Chicken Pasta Salad to nosh on. This dish features white meat chicken, rotini, cucumbers and Parmesan cheese. This could use a splash of Italian dressing imho, but I thought the chicken on top of it was good. I couldn’t help but laugh as my husband declared, “I’ll never get used to cold pasta noodles. It’s just not right.” That lapse in judgement aside, with a little dressing on top I think this dish could be a great side. Not sure I’d recommend it as a meal though.

I can’t believe I forgot to Instagram these, but we also got to try the summer tacos. You get your choice of shrimp, chicken or pulled pork. Below the photo shows all three, but I of course went for the pulled pork. I was very happy with my choice. So tasty!

winghouse summer 6716

Don’t hate me y’all, but this was my favorite bite tonight! The pulled pork sandwich was our final dish and it comes with coleslaw and fried onion strings on top and it is simply heaven in your mouth!!!! I know, what a shocker- I loved this and it was pulled pork. But, seriously, it’s soooo good I didn’t even need the pickle and chips that it comes with. And, it’s huge. You can even ask for extra bbq sauce if you’re so inclined. A MUST if you’re a pulled pork fan.

So, we weren’t technically going to get this to try, but after chatting with the manager, about desserts, he brought my table a slice of the new guava cheesecake. This is one of the few things that Winghouse doesn’t make on site. They order them in from a local bakery. Holy guava Batman!! So yummy! It was really quite tasty and I guess we were a little too obnoxious about how much we liked it because before we could say #datcheesecakedoe everyone was getting a slice to try.

I had an absolute blast trying these dishes and can’t wait to visit again to catch a game or just to stuff my face with good eats. The staff was so friendly and I even got to bring my hubby. Super fun!

winghouse summer 6716 - 2

And, p.s. LOVED sitting with Billie Jo of Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight. She and her hubby were a hoot and a half to dine with 😀

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