Summer Outdoor Activities To Entertain The Kids

When it comes to entertaining the kids during the summer, outdoors is by far the best option. There is so much available. You do not have to spend a fortune to entertain them. Simple walks can be entertaining if you turn them into discovery games. Visiting your local Zoos, Farms, and Leisure centers can be a bit more expensive, but sometimes it is worth putting a little money aside for a few trips.

The first thing that children love is a picnic. No matter where you live, there is bound to be a nice place to hold a picnic. If you live by the coast and there is a nice piece of green on top of the cliffs, it could be a great place to picnic and let off steam. If you live further into the country, there is sure to be a nice woodland or farm area. If not, there must be a park in your local area.

When on a picnic the children can get involved in making the sandwiches etc. and when you get there, they will enjoy playing a simple eye spy game while eating. After eating they can fly a kite or play ball games. Before you know it, you have spent a good few hours outside playing and not even had to spend a penny. Accept for the picnic, but that does not have to be anything expensive or even different from your normal lunch.

If you live near to the beach, then it should come as no surprise that spending an afternoon making sandcastles, or paddling in the sea, can make for great fun.

Bike riding is something that most families enjoy. You do not have to go far a little ride with lots to see is great fun and can also be educational. You can time how long it takes you, make a note of how many birds you see, cars, people, boats or whatever there is around you and then the outside fun continues when you get home, and they can write about what they saw.

You will also find plenty of local fayres and garden shows during the summer months. You can make these exciting by giving the children things to find like a discovery game while you are exploring.

Of course, almost everywhere you can find a park. Not only are there climbing frames, but pitches to play ball games and courts to play tennis. You can play games of tag and hide and seek or take a bat and ball and play cricket as a family game.

The list is endless when you are in the park. You could even have an art afternoon. Drawing what is around you, taking rubbings, sticking, and even painting. Just use a little imagination.