10 Things to Look for In a Moving Company

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For those of you who don’t know, I moved to Kentucky from Florida at the beginning of 2021. I have a lot of regrets about how I chose to go about hunting for a moving company to transport our belongings from state to state. If I had it to do over, I would have been much more careful in selecting our movers rather than trusting blindly.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did, so with that in mind, below are 10 things to look for in a moving company. Hopefully, they will prevent you from experiencing some of the woes we had when we moved.

What to Look for In a Moving Company

1. You need a trustworthy company

Whether they are packing your stuff for you, or just transporting it from point A to point B – you want a trustworthy company who won’t throw your crap around like the company I used did.

They had no qualms about dropping boxes, scratching my furniture, or dropping my entertainment center stair by stair down the stairs – which caused it to break by the way. Ugh. Do your homework people! Use a trustworthy company so they don’t do shoddy work!

2. They gotta be reliable

If your movers say they will be there between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., they sure as heck better do it! While my movers did show up early, they spent most of the time taking turns in the bathroom and not really working while running out the clock and then demanding extra pay for overtime. Sigh….

3. You want folks that are experienced

Oh, how I wish I had known about 24/7 Logistic Services when we were preparing to move from Florida to Kentucky. They not only have award-winning, nationwide movers, but they have four years of experience and a great reputation. But I digress…

4 and 5. They should be licensed and insured

One of the problems with who we booked…you guessed it – they weren’t licensed. So, when they broke my entertainment center and scratched my furniture, I really didn’t have any recourse. They had no way to pay back the damages


It sounds obvious, but janky websites and missed calls should be a key indicator to you about unprofessionalism. I should have paid attention to the red flags instead of pressing onward and getting screwed. I guess I’m just grateful most of our stuff arrived in one piece. But, I’m certain if I’d gone with professionals like the folks at 24/7 Logistic Services, all of my pieces would have arrived intact and there wouldn’t have been any negative issues.

7. They should be honest and transparent about pricing

While pricing will vary depending on demand and time of the week, there should be transparency about prices. In other words, no surprises! For example, we didn’t realize there were surprise fees to be incurred with our shady movers.

8. Prices should also be affordable

If someone is charging a fraction of what the average is, or multiple times more than the average – it’s a red flag. That said, I can understand charging more based on quality – just not a crazy high price that doesn’t seem justifiable!

9. Services should be customizable

Even in clothing one-size-fits-all doesn’t actually exist. That’s another thing I like about 24/7 Logistic Services. Their services are customized based on your unique needs. Its not just residential moving – they also offer apartment moving, packing services, long distance moving, special assistance for senior citizens, piano moving, and so much more!

10. Finally, they have to have amazing customer support

If customer satisfaction isn’t their number one priority – move on to someone that does hold that in the highest regard. You don’t have to use crappy movers. You deserve to have movers that will treat your belongings like you do – with care!

About 24/7 Logistics Services

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