Word Vomit March 1, 2018

My Line in the F#$%ing Sand – I’m Turning My Finances Around Dammit

Okay, I’ve gone from financially perturbed to financially pissed off.  I’m starting Denise Duffield Thomas’s Money Bootcamp all over again TODAY. I must get my financial $#it together STAT. My apartment complex just served me notice that our rent is going up AGAIN.

When we moved in we were paying $650….11 years later it’s ballooned up to $953 now. I’m so pissed off….and because our credit rating is crappy and we have no down payment money we can’t even look for a new apartment or get a house.

Today, I’m declaring – This is my line in the sand. Somehow. Some way. By March 1, 2019 I’ll have ZERO unleveraged debt AND be house shopping dammit.

Enough is enough. They say that when you’re on a quest for freedom and self-discovery that eventually you come to this point. Where you get so pissed at what has transpired you draw your line in the sand….and receiving this letter from my apartment complex has driven me from eh, I can still manage, to – oh hellllllllllllllllll no. That’s it. I’m done.

And p.s. I’m thinking I’m going to start doing a daily word vomit. I rather like the idea of declaring my wants, desires and my thoughts publicly. This may blow up in my face, but nothing else I’ve done has worked so far, so screw it. Let’s do it! Imma tell my truths!