The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Podcasters

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Maybe you’re known to be a great gift giver. Or, maybe you’re known to be a not so great one. Either way, getting a gift for a podcaster can be difficult. I mean, where do you even begin to look?

Well, I’m here to make things a bit less stressful and more clear. In the honor of the soon-to-be holiday season, here are some great gift ideas for podcast hosts.

Whether the gift recipient is just interested in podcasts, has recently started a podcast, or is a podcasting veteran — let’s put a smile on their face. Without further ado, here is the ultimate 2021 Christmas gift guide for podcasters!

Gifts Around $30

FIFINE USB Microphone

Let’s be honest, the sound quality from a phone just isn’t that great. To start off podcaster’s Christmas, why not gift your favorite podcaster a FIFINE USB Microphone ? These microphones are affordable and provide professional sound at shocking prices.

No other gadgets are required to use this microphone — it’s just plug and then play! Let the podcaster’s Christmas begin!

On-Air Sign

What can I say? It’s a sign, but this sign is the perfect podcaster gift idea. Say goodbye to interruptions and let the podcasting begin!

This On-Air Sign is durable, vibrant, and will ward off family members, children selling candy, and delivery people alike. Plus, it’s oh-so-simple to use. Put the universally compatible sign up on your door and the problem is solved.

Snowman Bath Bombs Box Sets

Podcasters need to eat, sleep, and relax too. After a long day, podcasters deserve to smell roses, vanilla, and lavender as they relax in a warm and colorful bath. This Snowman Bath Bombs Box Set is wrapped elegantly, and ready to be gifted at a moment’s notice. Podcaster’s Christmas shouldn’t be stressful for you either!

Plus, we all know that tubs are the best places to come up with new ideas.

Penguin Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos

Cute, practical, durable, and memorable — what more does a podcaster gift idea need? Throats get dry during and after podcasts, and now, your podcasting friend can have an adorable assistant. Water, tea, and more will stay warm for hours in this Penguin Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos!

Podcaster’s Christmas won’t be complete without a new adorable (and helpful) friend.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is one of the leading podcasting and editing software programs for podcasters. Buy the podcaster in your life a month in just minutes. If you purchase this subscription through Amazon, you can share the serial code as a gift. Otherwise, just set up an account for your friend and voila!

Gifts $31 – $100

The Podcast Journal

From idea to launch, The Podcast Journal will be a valuable tool for your podcaster friend. Written by podcaster superstar John Lee Dumas — the book details the ins and outs of starting a podcast (along with some very helpful tips).

If your podcaster friend talks about podcasting but won’t take the leap, this book is even more suitable. Ideally, a podcaster’s Christmas should start before the holiday season ends. No more waiting!

While you’re at it, go ahead and grab The Freedom Journal and The Mastery Journal. These books are AWESOME because they help you break your goals and dreams down into chunks that feel MUCH easier to accomplish. Trust me! In fact, you should get these books for yourself as well as your friends. Everyone deserves help achieving their dreams.

Sony Digital Voice Recorder

Think your podcaster buddy will want to move around and about? Then, this is the best podcaster gift idea for them. The Sony Digital Voice Recorder has a built-in mic, noise-cancellations features, and easy editing.

This recorder’s impressive size-to-usefulness ratio should be feared! P.S. Make sure you grab one that has a USB connection for easy transferring to your editing software of choice!

Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield

You’ll notice the difference right away when it comes to the Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield. That’s why it’s the perfect podcaster gift idea. This miracle worker works on-par with much more expensive brands, and provides great results. Say goodbye to echoes and say hello to crisp and clear tones!

Guys – this is one I WANT for Christmas. I’ve been good. Er I mean I was good most of the year. Er – never mind Santa – I’ll buy it myself!

Audio Technica ATH-M30x

The Audio Technica brand is hailed for excellent headphones, but can be quite pricey. Fortunately, the ATH-M30x offers near-perfect sound and comfort at a reasonable price. There’s no need to break your bank for a podcaster gift this season!

With everything online right now, the ATH-M30x will come in handy in and out of podcasting too.

P.S. I use the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headphones. They are a little pricier than the Audio Technica ones, but they come with a detachable microphone and I LOVE using it for gaming. When I’m editing audio, I just remove the microphone and get the audio in surround sound. It’s pretty awesome, and the noise cancellation is very good!

I got mine in Red and Black because I’m a Deadpool fan.

Gifts $100+

Flexispot EC1 Electric Standing Desk

Did you know that standing makes you sound more confident and offers better respiratory support? Both of these benefits go a long way if your podcaster wants to take podcasting seriously. Flexispot EC1 Electric Standing Desks is a great podcaster gift idea that comes in a variety of sizes and stylish designs.

Plus, this present can help loved ones stay healthy and well.

Flexispot M2B Standing Desk Converter

And, Flexispot strikes once again! That’s just how great their products are. The M2B Standing Desk Converter offers all the traditional benefits of a desk and then adds so much more value.

This desk converter provides spacious work space without taking up much space, a handy keyboard tray, and ergonomic benefits. Get this, it can even be folded up to reduce the already small amount of room it takes up!

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 (3rd Gen)

This gift is a bit techy — but oh so practical. If your podcaster is serious about making it big, chances are that they’ll need a Focsurite Scarlett 4i4 in the near future. This tool is often necessary for high-end XLR microphones that the professionals use. For any aspiring progression, this is a great podcaster gift idea.

HeartCast Media Course On Podcasting

The HeartCast Media Course On Podcasting is one program that fits all podcasting needs. Watch as your podcaster racks up 5-star reviews and propels into the podcasting spotlight (all thanks to you)!

Oooh, and this course comes with a FREE Trello board that nails down the necessary steps towards a flawless podcast. Podcaster gift ideas that add freebies — that’s even better!

Rode Podcaster Booming Kit

The Rode Podcaster Booming Kit is a 3-in-1 gift that is going to blow your favorite podcaster away! The kit comes with high-quality equipment such as the Rode Podcaster USB microphone, Rode PSA-1 Boom Arm, and the Rode PSM-1 Shock Mount.

Don’t know what to get your podcaster friend? You don’t have to worry about that with this kit!

IPad Pro

An IPad Pro is the perfect size for note-taking, researching, and looking up resources on the fly. Combined with an apple pencil and smart keyboard — it’s better than a traditional computer. Being pricey, this podcasting gift idea should only be pulled out for your favorite podcaster!

An IPad Pro is also the perfect unwinding/entertainment gadget after a long day of brainstorming and recording.

To Wrap Up

Getting a gift for a podcaster can be hard. But, I’m glad you’re making an effort. I mean, you’ve read this far and I’m glad you did!

At the end of the day, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Christmas isn’t really about giving — it’s about spending time with those that make you the happiest person on Earth. Hopefully, this list has helped you a bit though.

I’m excited for the holiday season, and I hope you are too!