A Guide To Viewing Niagara Falls Without Leaving The United States

Niagara Falls, New York, has one of the most breathtaking views in the world of the famous Niagara Falls. Where would you go to find the best view? In addition, what would you do after you enjoy the majesty of Niagara Falls? Beyond the waterfall, there are some other fun and interesting places to go and things to do in Niagara Falls.

Any trip to Niagara Falls should begin at the oldest state park in the United States, Niagara Falls State Park. Dating back to 1885, Niagara Falls State Park was created to keep the area surrounding the Falls free from exploitation and free to the public. There are many winding trails along the river on Goat Island, Luna Island, and the Three Sisters Islands on the Upper Niagara River, and there are serious hiking trails into the Niagara Gorge for more avid nature lovers.

Niagara Falls State Park is home to some great attractions. The Cave of the Winds is an attraction where you can experience the power of Niagara Falls up close and personal by taking an elevator down to a walking tour on the “hurricane” deck only 20 feet from the Bridal Veil Falls. This is an experience like no other as the mighty wind and mist from the Bridal Veil Falls blasts you with hurricane force.

The Visitor Center at Niagara Falls State Park offers a place to buy souvenirs, a snack bar, maps and information, restaurants, and houses the Niagara Adventure Theater, which shows a 40-minute movie on a 45-foot screen with Dolby Digital surround sound technology. Niagara: Legends of Adventure by Academy Award-winning producer Keith Merrill and tells the story of the history of Niagara Falls.

The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center is where you can learn about the rich history of Niagara Falls through wonderful, exciting exhibits that are great for the whole family. You can climb a 26-foot rock wall modeled after the walls of the Niagara Gorge, view a movie in the 180-degree theater, or take a ride on the virtual elevator ride down into the gorge.

The activity that gives the absolute best view of Niagara Falls is The Maid of The Mist, which is a boat ride on the lower Niagara River, which takes you into the basin of the awesome Horseshoe Falls. The power and the beauty will overcome you as you get closer and closer to the wondrous cataract.

There is so much to do and experience in Niagara Falls. It is no wonder that millions of people visit it from all around the world every year. The Cave of the Winds and The Maid of the Mist is the best way to experience the power and the majesty of the mighty Niagara Falls.