Area Rugs Give Your Space a Pop of Color

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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE me some nice area rugs. They are great for adding a pop of color to your space, and they can completely transform a room. If you are thinking about getting area rugs for your home, below are three important things you should consider before making your purchase.

Consider the Best Size for Your Space

How big should your area rugs be? As Wayfair explains, when it comes to a piece like this, bigger is usually better.

Area Rugs Ottomanson Blue
This is a Navy Ottomanson Area Rug found on Amazon. Get yours here:

They said, “A few inches can make all the difference between the rug pulling the room together or making it feel disjointed. Opting for the larger option, especially if you’re choosing between sizes, will prove that it is worth the extra expense every time.”

Ottomanson said your area rugs “should be large enough to fit under your major furniture in the room. If that would be way too expensive for you, it should at least be able to fit your key upholstered pieces.

When choosing which size is best for you, I highly recommend reading Wayfair’s complete guide to rug sizes.

Buy Area Rugs that Will Match Your Decor

Area Rugs Ottomanson Floral Print
This is a Floral Print Ottomanson Area Rug found on Amazon.
Get yours here:

Color goes beyond just the paint on your walls and colors of your furniture. You’ll want to also factor in your artwork that is on the walls, any pillows or fabrics you’ve used, and any accessories that are in the room as well.

Some design websites recommend choosing solid color rugs if you have a lot of other colors and patterns in the decor of the room you’re purchasing area rugs for. By choosing a solid color or a rug with less colors, it will be easier to tie the room together without it feeling “too busy.”

On the other hand, if most of your colors are neutral, choosing a rug with multiple colors can be a nice focal piece for the room. For example, the floral print rug above is in a living room with white furniture, and neutral colored walls. This rug with all the colors fits well in this space, and becomes a work of art for it as well.

Unfortunately, You’ll Need to Factor in Cost Too

Area Rugs Ottomanson Hundred Dollar Bill
Yep! This is a rug too. How fun would it be to have a Hundred Dollar Bill rug in your office? Get your Ottomanson Hundred Dollar Bill area rug here:

Cost is often the deciding factor for folks trying to decide which area rugs are the best for their home. I understand this, believe me. It’s sometimes hard to justify a big purchase for a piece of home decor.

What I would recommend is to purchase the smaller rugs for the smaller rooms first. It’s no secret that smaller rugs usually come with lower price tags. In fact, your entire decor budget for a smaller room is likely to be much lower than your larger rooms. So why not tackle those first, and save the bigger rooms and bigger expenses for later.

After all, there is no rule that states you have to buy everything to fill your entire house all at once. You’re allowed to let your home’s decor be a work in progress. Take your time so that you can save up the money for the pieces that cost a little more.

I personally feel like decorating your home slowly over time is the better way to go because not only will it ensure that you get the pieces you really want, you’ll have time to change your mind. I change my mind all the time before I’m ready to commit to how I want to decorate! Can you relate?

Speaking of changing your mind – I want to revisit color for just a moment. Solid colored rugs tend to be cheaper. And, another benefit of choosing solid colored area rugs is that they will most likely match more than one room in your home. Let’s say you have changed your mind, and you no longer want a rug in your bedroom. Suppose the one you bought for the bedroom matches the colors in your living room. You can easily move it from your bedroom to your living room. No added costs, and it still can be used!

For me, I personally like trying to keep a lot of the colors in my home in the same palette for this reason. I can move things around without spending any extra money anytime I get bored with the space and want a change.

Caring for Your Area Rugs

It’s important to read about the materials and maintenance of your area rugs prior to purchase. Some area rugs can be vacuumed and others should not be. Some can be deep cleaned with carpet cleaners, and others should only be cleaned by professionals. You want to care for them regularly and properly so you can extend the life of them.

When you’re ready to buy area rugs for your home, check out Ottomanson Rugs. You can find Ottomanson area rugs in the following retailers:

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About Ottomanson Area Rugs

Here’s a little bit about Ottomanson Area Rugs directly from their website:

Ottomanson was established in 2007. Today, it has become one of the leading wholesalers of area rugs in the United States, particularly the Tri-State Area due to their experience in the rug business, efficiency in production, and competitive prices. Ottomanson offers a large variety of high-quality heat-set, BCF, and printed area rugs in traditional to fashionable contemporary designs available in a wide array of colors.

Founded with the aspiration to embellish indoor and outdoor spaces applying a distinct taste and touch while adhering to current trends and worthy customer demands, Ottomanson Inc. combines years of knowledge and experience within the home décor industry to best serve this aspiration. Always bearing function and fashion in mind as well as offering premium quality for a broad range of budgets, Ottomanson has reached a large scope of product line in home décor including area rugs, runner rugs, kids’ rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs, printed rugs, grass rugs, doormats, stair treads, chair mats, towels, blankets and tablecloth. We take pride in our manufacturing, retailing, logistics and warehousing competencies which flourished from a modest business expanding to international growth and advanced customer service. Ottomanson’s mission is to further augment these competencies with the help of its professional and passionate administrative and operational staff in order to fully serve its commitment to high-quality standards and contemporary customer demands.