Moving Made Simple – Some Tips

So it is that time again, you are ready to move on to bigger, better places….even if that means just moving out of mom and dad’s basement into your own apartment. Now the question running through your mind is how do I get my stuff from here… there with the least amount of headache? The answer is simple. Hire movers, well, it is the simplest answer though maybe not the most economical. Below I will share some tips for making your next move a little less stressful without the help of hired professionals.

A little organization when packing will save a lot of heartaches when unpacking. Yes, it may be easier to play what will fit in this box with my star wars action figures, but when you go to unpack, you might find the blender you have been looking for weeks if it is placed in a box with items, not of the same variety, such as Boba Fette and Han Solo. I highly suggest when packing your boxes start in one room and fill the box with like items, such as a box of decorations, or a box of toys. Not a box of toys and socks, or a box of decorations and extension cords. This way, when you go to unpack, you can easily find the items you are looking for.

Label, label, label. If you can read and write, you should label. A box labeled pots and pans will very unlikely end up anywhere besides the kitchen. If you label your children’s boxes, you can easily avoid fights, marking simply Sarah’s toys or Jimmy’s toys. If you do happen to use boxes that have seen a move or two before, it could be easier to color code your boxes with either markers or stickers.

Simply make a list of which colored stickers go in which room. It will be easy to find the office supplies when they are all marked with the same color sticker. Also it is very useful to choose a color and dub it the “high priority” color; you would then know that the high priority color box in the bathroom most likely is holding your toilet paper.

Sort as you carry in. Nothing is more intimidating when you move than the towering stack of boxes piled just inside the door of your new home. Simply check where each box is intended to go and move it to that location as you carry it into the home. If you happen to be blessed with friends and family who are willing to help you undertake this task of moving, simply set someone in charge of separating by room and start hauling.

Sort, split and conquer. One of the worst no no’s of moving is moving more than you absolutely must. A great thing to do is to analyze your belongings before packing them away to be moved. If you can sort out the clothes that don’t fit and the Christmas gifts you didn’t know what to do with before you moved, there will be less anxiety trying to find them a home in your new home. Also, your unwanted items can find a new home helping someone who needs them by simply donating them to the Salvation Army or some other like a program in your community.

These four simple tips can make your next big move just a little more manageable and maybe even a little fun. Also, by following these simple tips, any help you may get will easily be able to sort out your belongings by room so that you do not have to micromanage every step of the move. Saving you and your friends a big headache. So don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in moving. Simply follow my little tips, and it should go just a little bit smoother. Giving you more time to enjoy your brand new home.