Ideas To Promote Your Blog for FREE – Episode 3 – Show Notes

Does organic traffic feel elusive? If so, you need new tactics. In this episode, I’m sharing 10 ways to promote your blog for free!

Episode 3 – Show Notes

This episode is all about tactics for promoting your blog and driving traffic to your website for free. Ashley shares 11 tips, including guest posting on other blogs, participating in blogger roundups and link parties, doing joint giveaways, using your email signature, getting media coverage, writing for sites like Medium, strategic use of social media, getting interviewed on podcasts, interviewing experts yourself, networking online, and speaking at summits and conferences.

Ashley explains each traffic-building strategy in detail and emphasizes the importance of promoting your content everywhere possible and connecting with others in your niche. She wants to help bloggers grow their audiences organically without spending money on advertising. The episode is filled with actionable tips bloggers can use right away to increase visibility and get more eyeballs on their websites.

Here are the most important timestamps for this episode on promoting your blog:

1:35 – Ashley introduces her 10 best ways to promote your blog for free.

2:41 – Ashley explains how guest posting works and why it’s her #1 favorite traffic strategy.

4:17 – Ashley talks about participating in roundups and link parties to tap into new audiences.

5:09 – Ashley covers doing joint giveaways with other bloggers.

8:45 – Ashley suggests using your email signature to promote your blog.

9:27 – Ashley talks about different tactics for getting media coverage as a blogger.

11:59 – Ashley recommends writing for sites like Medium to establish expertise.

13:02 – Ashley stresses the importance of strategic social media use.

15:45 – Ashley explains how guest podcasting can drive new traffic.

17:20 – Ashley talks about interviewing experts and quoting them.

18:33 – Ashley suggests networking online through groups.

20:40 – Ashley does a quick recap of all 11 free traffic-building tips.

Let me know if you need any other important timestamps highlighted!

Read all 11 ways to promote your blog for free here!

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