Christmas Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Buying for that special someone who has everything is a very challenging task but it can be done! Add in a little creativity and you’ve got a special gift.

In today’s market, there isn’t anything you can’t buy. Be a little creative and keep in mind that person’s interests and you can give a great gift this holiday season.

Gifts for men

Sports related items are the first to come to mind with most men. Be a little imaginative when purchasing that sports item. In many stores you can find mini gift card stockings with his team logos on them. Instead of a gift card, purchase lottery tickets to stuff inside. For the fisherman buy an inexpensive tackle box and fill it full of candies and nuts. If he’s a hunter, a camo hat or insulated lunch box can be filled with little sausages and jerky to make sure he never gets hungry out in the woods. A golfer will always enjoy his favorite sports team on balls, tees, and covers for his golf clubs.

Don’t forget with almost any hobby or interest he almost always keeps that hand towel handy. So get some inexpensive towels and a small amount of fabric with his favorite team or other interest imprinted on it and add a border or top off the towels with a simple stitch to add a nice addition to a bland towel. Every guy loves to eat and grill out. Make a gift basket out of tongs, oven gloves, barbacue sauce, etc, in nice coordinating colors.

Gifts for women

Women are so much easier than men. There are so many perfumes, body lotion kits, scarves, slipper socks, and inexpensive jewelry out there. You can almost walk into any store and find something fairly quickly. You can hardly go wrong with any kitchen item. Most people who have it all also have old things that need replacing.

If you want to get a little more creative get them a scrapbook album and fill it with pages full of pictures you have of their family or friends. Handmade ornaments can be easy to make and become a very treasured gift that they will remember every holiday. A gift that keeps giving is a subscription to one of their favorite magazines. For a bingo player, buy a bag or basket and fill it with bingo daubers. Most gals love baskets so fill them with bath things, candies, wine, flower seed packets, or any assortment of their favorite things. Anything you can find that showcases their family will definitely be a winner, as a woman’s life is centered around that family.

Presents for kids

Children are easy, teens a little harder but they are the most fun to shop for during the holiday season. Hitting the thrift store early in the season is a great idea for kids who have everything. A small jewelry box with plenty of inexpensive jewelry will definitely be a hit for any tiny princess. For a little girl find a cute purse and fill it with small toys or different types of candy. For a little boy, do the same with a small toolbox. Matchbox cars put into an appealing container makes a “can’t go wrong” gift for any boy.

Every child likes to get tons of toys for the holidays. Interesting and funny books may not be the favorite now but they will come to appreciate them later. Add in a stuffed animal or doll and it’s a winner. Teenagers love to shop, so let them. Buy gift cards from their favorite stores and slip them into nice little fingernail kits or a packet of baseball cards. It’s a win-win for the teen in your life.

If you keep your eyes open and be a little creative you will find there are plenty of things out there that the hard to buy for person doesn’t have and will enjoy.