How To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

We all dread winter. Especially, when we live in an area where the winters are bitter cold with ice and snow.

Today is one of those days in Michigan, when it drizzles constantly, the sky is cloudy, and it feels cold all over. I would just love to sit in my computer and do nothing else but write, drink hot tea and snack on some cheese and crackers. If I do that all winter long, I am going to regret it when next spring comes, since I was able to adjust to some good eating habits that I have so successfully kept for the past 8 months

So what are we supposed to do in the winter months and avoid weight gain? There are quite a few options. Joining the gym is one. But not all of us have the luxury of joining a gym. Working out at home is another option. Preparing good healthy meals and drinks also helps in maintaining a steady weight and not gaining it in the winter months.

There are quite a few tapes and cd’s in the market that will help keep you motivated to stay active. Sometimes we get bored of the same routine over and over again, but once you start exercising you feel much better.

Exercise gives more energy, battles depression and increases endorphins in our bodies that we lack in the winter months due to no sun. Walking in the winter months is also a good exercise. Even if it is bitterly cold outside, the cold weather boosts up your metabolism and helps keep your weight in control. It’s not so bad to go for a walk when it’s sunny after a snowfall. Just make sure you dress very warm.

Let’s not forget the holidays. Along with winter we have Thanksgiving and Christmas and the abundance of parties, food and drinks. How can you avoid gaining weight when the holiday season is so short and packed with so many parties; and yet on the other hand you want to enjoy it?

When invited to a party, it’s best to eat something before arriving. A small snack or even a small meal will help stave off hunger for a while, so you won’t binge on the snacks. While at the party, stay away from snacks loaded with calories. It’s best to eat a few veggies and some cheese and crackers. They are healthy and will fill you up so you won’t feel hungry. As for drinks, the best way is to either drink water, or a glass of wine. Mixed drinks pack up the calories. With all the sugar in them, they will make you hungrier and crave more food.

So you survived the holiday season, but you still have a couple of winter months before spring arrives. How do you eat healthy when there is not an abundance of fresh vegetables? It’s easy to prepare meals that are warm and healthy.

Frozen vegetables keep their vitamins more so than canned. A heated bag of frozen veggies, along with some roasted chicken, or fish and you have a warm meal to keep you satisfied. Another good option is legumes, like white beans and lentils. There are recipes that you can make with these that will keep you warm and satisfied.

The most important thing to keeping the weight off during the winter months is being active. No matter how many vegetables, or how many times you watch what you eat, if you are not active, you will gain the weight. So stay fit, and stay healthy.