Doing What I’m Supposed to Be Doing – Following the Signs from the Universe

Famous Ashley Grant - Ghost Writer

A note on paying attention to the signs in your life regarding your online businesses. Are you paying attention to the signs from the Universe and what they are telling you?

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but when a potential client asked me for advice this morning I was pretty excited at how confident I was in offering my responses. The funny thing is my advice would be somewhat self-serving in that it would translate to a WHOLE bunch of work for me, but that wasn’t even in my thought process as I was uttering my thoughts to her.

I was just giving REAL advice that she could actually use to be successful and then it dawned on me just how much I LOVE helping people in my business. My goal in #ghostwriting for my clients has always been to make them look amazing to their audiences. I want them to sound so good delivering their messages and sell the crap out of their products and services. It’s been heavy on my heart lately about how much I just want all of my clients to have everything they ever dreamed of!!!! I get all warm and fuzzy every time they have a big win because I feel like I was part of it.

Towards the middle of last year I was honestly doubting whether or not I wanted to continue on the ghost writing path and was letting my vanity get the better of me that I should release more things under my byline. I even considered abandoning my business nearly completely to develop a course and focus 90% on building and selling things with my name, but since releasing that thought into the universe I’ve been amazed at how EVERY. SINGLE. SIGN has been pointing me right back to what I’m already doing.

I’m supposed to be ghostwriting for now. This is my current purpose and mission. I’m here to give my clients the voice they don’t even realize they already have. I have been sent more clients in the past six months than I ever thought possible and it just has become abundantly clear to me that before I try to push too much on releasing things with my name I’ve got a lot more to do for others. I’ve also to do  a lot more growing, a lot more writing, a lot more learning.

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I still want to release a course of my own some day, I want to write a bunch of books under my own name and do some fun stuff with Youtube, but for now I’m going to pay attention to the signs from the Universe. They have not steered me wrong yet, and when I really hone in on them I’m paid back in great success.

So, now that you have read all this I want you to seriously think about what signs are in your life. What is the Universe telling you about your business? Are you on the right path? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Big love to all of you, my fellow webpreneurs. I hope that each of you have crazy, sexy, insane successes and more wins than you know what do with. Sending out all the feels and positive vibes to every single one of you. xoxo

Dear Universe,

I’m sorry I was letting my vanity getting the better of me and not paying attention to the signs you were sending me abouthow to be more successful. I’m listening now.

I’m ready to make more money and be happier than ever before.

I welcome abundance and success into my life. It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step. ‪#‎BringIt‬!

Love always,
Famous Ashley Grant


5 thoughts on “Doing What I’m Supposed to Be Doing – Following the Signs from the Universe”

  1. Good for you Ashley that you are doing what you feel compelled to do. I hope you get enough clients to sustain you for years to come. Best wishes in your ghostwriting endeavors!

  2. I have written under my own byline, with and without pen names, and I have also ghostwritten articles and books for others under theirs. I find that eah project comes with its own internal and external rewards. Glad you are enjoying what you do. 🙂

  3. This is such an inspiring post! Connection to the universe, the earth and all the energies around me, I would be able to offer the best to my clients. So the signs from the universe are vital to me. Keep it up with the great work!


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