Great Christmas Gifts For Writers

What types of gifts would writers like? Books on writing? Writing supplies? Here are some ideas for gifts any writer would love to receive.

Writers aren’t the easiest people to live with, but they are easy to buy gifts for when Christmas, Hannukah, birthdays, or other special events arrive.

Books for Gifts

Here are some ideas to add to your writer’s library:

* Elements of Style, by Strunk and White (a must-have for any writer)
* A good thesaurus. For a real book (as opposed to a computer thesaurus), try Rodale’s The Synonym Finder.
* Market guides. Writer’s Market, Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market, Children’s Writer’s Market, etc.
* Basic books on the writing craft, including plot, character, dialogue, etc., or genre-specific, such as a rhyming dictionary or how to write fantasy/mystery/romance, etc.
* Informational books on your writer’s favorite subject: historical details, murder methods, dog show rules, or any other topic of interest.
* A writer’s journal, whether leather bound with glossy pages or a simple supply of spiral notebooks.

Magazine Subscriptions for Writers

Magazines specifically for writers, filled with how-to and inspirational articles, make great gifts. But don’t limit your subscription ideas to writing only.

* Writer’s magazines, such as Writer’s Digest, The Writer, Poets & Writers, etc.
* Genre-specific subscriptions, such as Children’s Writer, Cross & Quill, or Romance Writers Report.
* General literary magazines, such as Glimmer Train, Zoetrope, or Storyteller.
* Magazines your writer is trying to break into, such as Redbook, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Analog, Cricket, etc.

Writer’s Supplies

While they’re much more mundane, supplies are necessary and can squeeze a writer’s budget. Here are some ideas to help:

* Printer ink
* Reams of 20-lb paper
* Stamps
* Envelopes: 9 x 12, 6 x 9, and business size


What writer can resist a mug that says, “Will write for food” or a clock that reminds her to “Keep Writing?” An internet search for “writers gifts” will load you up with possibilities, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, wall art, pens, journals, and even teddy bears.

The Gift of Time

Time is precious, and there isn’t a writer out there who isn’t swamped with other responsibilities. Give your writer the gift of time to write.

* If he or she has young children, offer to take charge for the afternoon and send your writer to a coffee shop (too many distractions at home) to work on their novel.
* Take over daily chores for one hour a day for a week, but only if your writer will use the time to write.
* For the ultimate gift of time, send your writer to a weekend or week-long writer’s retreat, or at least to a motel for the weekend (with TV removed).

Other Dream Gifts for Writers

If you’re feeling generous and have the financial means to do so, consider these dream gift ideas for your writer:

* Tuition and/or travel expenses to a writer’s conference
* Computer or computer software upgrade
* Laser printer (very clean copy, and cheaper to run than an ink-jet printer)

Some observation or a few well-placed questions will tell you your writer’s preferences. And after all the tangible gifts have been unwrapped, don’t forget to give your writer the support and encouragement he or she needs.