I’m Moving! And Getting a New Car!

I’m moving into a house. I’m not sure where or when, but I’m stating my intentions publicly that within the next year, I’ll be moving into my new house. I’m getting rid of more clutter and paving the way for this to be my reality. I packed up three more boxes of junk for Goodwill today and they are neatly stacked in my car to take to the donation center this weekend. I’ve got more boxes ready to be filled, and I’m organizing more of the stuff that is still in my living space so that when the time comes to pack up to move into my new house, it will be easy to do so. I’m ready for my new home and can’t wait to see where it will be. I’ve even sourced myself a Champion Energy promo code so, hopefully, I will be able to get a new energy plan at a discounted rate. I’ve always thought it a good idea to prepare myself well in advance like this!

I want a home on a lake so that my husband and I can enjoy some water sports. I see us grilling in the back yard as the sun sets over our lake. I see a jet ski, a boat and a canoe. I see our dogs playing in the yard. I see a fun craft room for some exciting creations that I’m going to have a blast painting, building and designing. I see an office with my husband’s desk next to mine. I see a wonderfully organized home, gorgeous kitchen with lots of healthy foods, a stunning living room and the most comfortable bedroom of ever! My bathroom looks more like a spa than a residential bathroom. I also have an area perfect for filming a variety of Youtube Videos.

In my garage is my new car. I will have this car before or after I get my new house. I will definitely be sad to see my old car go as it was my first family car, and deep down I do love it, but I am also excited to pass it on to another family. I am currently looking at the different options there are to sell your car online, but I will talk about this in another post. However… I cannot deny that I am extremely excited to have my nice new car with working air conditioning, windows that go up and down with ease, great gas mileage and plenty of room for me, my husband and our two dogs for any road trips we may randomly take. I was considering getting a new Cadillac Escalade as they’re my dream car but I’ve had to be sensible as I’m moving house too!
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