Why It is Important to Invest in Good Fabric

Want to know why it’s so important to invest in good fabric? We’re covering the answer in this guest post by Rockywoods Fabrics.

TLDR: Good quality fabrics provide numerous benefits including sustainability, longer-lasting clothing, better fit and drape, comfort, professional sewing results, customer satisfaction, and the ability to purchase all necessary materials from a single quality retailer.

The Many Advantages of Choosing Quality Fabrics

Finding the right fabric can often feel like an exciting treasure hunt when you love to sew. Or, you might be someone who needs soft fabrics for sensory challenges, and it’s always a struggle to find what you need in a general clothing store. While you’ll find lots of inexpensive fabrics at big box retailers, the truth is that you do get what you pay for sometimes. Choosing to purchase good fabric provides you with many benefits that are worth knowing as you plan your wardrobe. 

Choose the More Sustainable Option

Fast fashion might help you stay on top of the latest trends, but all of those trendy outfits are wreaking havoc on the environment. Sadly, cheap fabrics are often made from materials that don’t last long, which means that they end up in landfills. Low-quality fabrics also use up unsustainable resources, but you can do your part to lower your environmental footprint by opting for higher-quality clothing whenever you can. 

Extend the Life of the Clothing You Wear 

There’s a reason why fast fashion earned its name. In many cases, those trendy shirts and dresses won’t last as long as the latest styles. Cheap fabric pills, tears and stretches out of shape fast, which can lower the life of your clothing. Since having to toss out a shirt that you love is never fun, it’s worth paying a little more for quality fabric that lasts long enough to still be good the next time the trend rolls around. 

Enjoy a More Flattering Fit 

If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite performers look so good in their clothes, then you may just discover the answer in the type of fabric their designers use. Nicer fabric hangs and drapes properly on your body which makes a difference in how it looks. If you’re sewing clothing for yourself or your family, then you’ll also find that it’s easier to achieve the ideal fit when the fabric doesn’t move out of place as you cut out the pattern. 

Feel Comfortable In Your New Clothes 

Well-fitting clothing also feels as amazing as it looks. You shouldn’t have to feel awkward stretching out your arm because a shirt sleeve keeps moving out of place. Nor, should you have to worry about the waistband of your pants constantly shifting around. Quality fabric feels soft against your skin, and you’ll notice the difference in its breathability or warmth as you go about your day. This is especially true with winter wear such as sweaters that tend to be overly heavy and scratchy if you don’t choose the right fabric. 

Achieve Professional Results While Sewing 

Cutting out perfect pattern pieces helps them to fit together better, which is only possible with quality fabric. Plus, you’ll find that good fabric also holds a crease better when you press it to create a hem, and the thread will glide through the layers when the weave is just right. Whether you sew clothing for your family or have a custom-sewing business, working with quality fabric is a true joy that makes your job easier. You’ll also find that you can whip out projects faster when the fabric doesn’t snag.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction 

When you sew for others, you know that every aspect of a piece of clothing matters. Customers can often tell the difference between cheap fabric and quality types, even if they don’t sew themselves. Low-quality fabric tends to be thin, which can pose a problem for your customers if they expect an outfit to be professional enough to wear to work or out in public. When you choose quality fabric, you know that your online reviews will also be positive and beneficial for your business. 

Know Where to Find the Best Fabric 

Figuring out where to shop for fabric is important. Ideally, you’ll want to buy good fabric from retailers that prioritize quality. For instance, buying fabric from a shop that sources fabric and notions from American companies allows you to know that they recognize the importance of quality and sustainability. You can also choose to buy your fabric from a retailer that supplies everything you need for a project. Being able to buy patterns, zippers, and buckles at the same place makes it easier to match them to your fabric and get started on your project. 

Investing in good fabric pays for itself over time. Not only will you spend less money on clothing when your new outfits last, but you’ll also look and feel better every time you put on your new shirt or dress. Now, all you need to do is start searching for the perfect fabrics to round out your wardrobe. After all, everyone deserves to love their clothes.

* Header Photo via the Rockwoods Fabrics Page