Life Coaches – How Many Frauds Are There?

Lately, my inbox has been FLOODED with emails featuring all these awesome free webinars that hold “the key” to wealth and happiness. At the end of each “free” webinar I’m offered the opportunity to buy their complete program for eleventy billion dollars complete with a bajillion workbooks and if I act right now I’ll also get MP3s guaranteed to help me connect directly to the universe to put in my order for everything I want. Still not convinced? Well, they will throw in a whole bunch of videos and even send me a zip file filled with affirmations and quotes written on cute kitten pictures or a photo of a sunset. Only if I act right now though!

Now, I’m all about positive thinking and affirmations to channel getting the things you want out of life, but with the sheer magnitude of emails I’m getting offering me these promises of my key to wealth, I can’t help but wonder if many of these self proclaimed self-help gurus are just all full of shit and hoping I will buy their program so that they can finally be making the money they claim they already have.

I think I’m going to write a book about how I became a
millionaire and fill it with affirmations and quotes about the Law of
Attraction and all kinds of shit about coaching yourself to wealth and happiness and
sell it for $50 each and promote it as how I made my wealth and then
once I am actually a millionaire from it the damn book will have been
true and I will be a fraud no more!

What do you think? Am I going overboard here? Am I nuts? Or are there just waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many cooks in the kitchen of the Law of Attraction claiming that THEY actually have the key to wealth and happiness and the other cooks stole their recipe?

Okay…this is the end of my venting blog post… Thanks for reading and have a wealth and happiness filled day!

Update: So I totally put this on facebook and got an awesome response that deserved to be shared! Posted comment on my facebook page on 1/9/14 at about 10:50 a.m. from the awesome Pamela Settle:

rant! But seriously. Why are there so many coaches out there? I wonder
how many of them are Gen Xers who got shafted out of their careers and
needed to reinvent themselves. Also makes me wonder why so many people
are lacking interpersonal skills,
intelligence, business skills and common sense to the point of needing
paid help? We clearly aren’t teaching these important survival skills in
schools and if parents don’t know the stuff, they can’t pass it on.
And finally, is everyone stressed to the point of crumbling under the
pressure, and without access to supportive friends, getting a coach?
Sorry to hijack your blog, but I really do think about this stuff…

My comment back to Pamela, because you totes know you wanna know that too 😉

I think about it too Pamela Settle!!! Hence the rant on the blog. hahaha! I agree, there are a lot of skills that clearly are not being taught anymore. Everyone just expects to graduate high school/college and be handed a million dollar payheck. Sorry junior, but unless you are brilliant enough to get drafted by google or athletic enough to get drafted into sports or pretty enough to be in mags (you get my point)…it ain’t gonna happen. That’s why I’m writing eBooks and then know I’ll have to ACTUALLY WORK marketing them to sell them