Romantic Encounters of the Cruise Kind

If you will be cruising with someone you love sometime soon you may be looking for ways to amp up the romance. You’re in luck because I’ve created a list of ideas to help you wow your honey and have her thinking you are the king/queen of the lovey dovey!

  • Ask for a couple’s table at dinner. Instead of sitting with six to eight strangers you can request a private table on most cruise lines at dinner to really have some one on one time with your sweetie. If this isn’t possible then make sure to spend at least one evening at a private table in one of the restaurants on board.
  • Tell the cruise it’s your honeymoon. If you don’t want to lie then say it’s a second honeymoon, but either way make sure the word honeymoon is on the staff’s radar. Many cruise lines will place rose petals on the bed or fun tokens in the room to help set the mood.
  • Request champagne/wine and strawberries from room service. You can have this delivered upon arrival to your cabin or you could set it up for one evening after dinner.
  • Bring some non-flammable candles. Just because you’re on a cruise ship doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night by candlelight even if it has no flame.
  • Skip an excursion at one of the ports of call and just spend the time with each other. You could walk the beach or just have lunch alone together.
  • Enjoy sunrise or sunset together. Grab a drink and possible even a snack and go to some area on the ship that isn’t overrun with people. This is much easier to do for sunrise, but if you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed early do this for sunset. Just sit and watch the sun go up or down and hold one another.
  • Get a couple’s massage. This may or may not be possible on the cruise you choose, but if your cruise line has couple’s massages make sure to try this. Then, afterwards just soak in the hot tub for a while to continue the good feelings.