Swimming in Workout Clothes

I was CRAZY hot from working out. So, naturally I jumped in the pool with my work out clothes on. That’s just how I roll!

I’m proud to report that last week I worked out four days and this week I’ve worked out four days so far…Finally getting back into a habit of trying to be healthier. It hit me a couple of weeks ago that I’m almost thirty (a year and two months to go…) and I would like to be in shape for my next several decades in life. So, I’ve been werqin on mah fitness! Yep!

Stopped gambling? Check! Stopped drinking? Check! Started working out again? Check! Gonna stop eating unhealthy foods…next on the list along with getting over my need for diet Pepsi…I’m losing bad habits left and right ya’ll!!!


People were looking at me all weird like why is that girl wearing sweat pants and a sports bra in the pool. I just looked back like- why are you wearing swim suits ya weirdos?!? I was hot and DID NOT CARE! hahaha! Only bad thing? I still had another quarter of a mile to walk back to my apartment. Doing that soaking wet kinda sucked! Was totally worth it though 😉

Have you ever jumped into a pool fully clothed? It feels like the ultimate rebellion, doesn’t it? Although skinny dipping is the actual ultimate rebellion, this felt pretty bad ASH if I do say so myself.