My Ultimate Fantasy Right Now

I have a pretty big and intense fantasy right now! It’s not sexual like you’d find on, but it is pretty wild! I want to call/text my husband and ask him to quit his job, have him rush home, help me give and sell everything away and then just hit the road! I want to just move out of my apartment this weekend and leave town and start my dream of being a TRAVELING writer and photographer.

I only have one scheduled shoot left on my calendar right now- it’s this weekend. I want to finish the gig and then get outta dodge! Crazy? YES! Want to do it anyway? Hell yes!

What’s the worst that could happen? My husband and I could run out of money by next week. We might have to turn to more exotic income streams like putting some sexual work on this website. It could be fun but lets keep that in the maybe pile for now. But since we are struggling we will have to think about it. We could be barely able to find food let alone gas to get to our next destination. We could end up having to beg for cash to come back home with our tails between our legs and look for a new job for my husband (I only say my husband because my job could be done from anywhere with internet access…). While trying to find him work we might have to live with my father-in-law, my parents or in my car.

There! I’ve figured out the worst case scenario. On the flip side…what’s the best thing that could happen? We could come up with a way to have plenty of money on the road. My blogs could get wildly popular and fund our adventures from state to state and then ultimately country to country. We could wake up every day with something new and exciting to do. Then, once we’re done with the globe trotting lifestyle we could settle down and maybe start a family or some other adventure.

If my husband and I keep waiting to start living out our dreams, we may end up waiting the rest of our lives. I don’t want to wake up one day regretting all the things I didn’t do! I want to make a plan to start living out our dreams and goals THIS year! Not next year, next decade or even in retirement….but NOW! Why not?!?

The photo above is what prompted this post. I found it on Ali Brown’s facebook page and it really struck a cord in me. Obviously…LOL! I don’t want to wait anymore for the perfect moment. The moment may never be perfect. It’s beyond time to shake things up. Thinking it’s time to discuss this with the hubby. He gets off at 6 and we will definitely be talking tonight!

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