Unique Accommodations for an Unforgettable Trip

Discover unique accommodations for an unforgettable trip like Treehotel, Icehotel & Giraffe Manor, with options to sleep on a jet, in an igloo & more.

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A Dozen Unique Accommodations for an Unforgettable Trip

Sometimes you don’t get to pick where you stay when you travel. For example, your agency might put you in a nice hotel if you’re traveling for work as a travel nurse or sales consultant. However, when traveling for fun, you can choose where you rest your head at night. 

When you travel, you usually have two options: get a hotel room or stay in an Airbnb. However, consider choosing your location based on the available accommodations for your next trip. Where you stay can drastically impact your travel experience, so why not choose your next destination based on unique accommodations instead of tourist attractions? Here are some of the most unique accommodations for an unforgettable trip:

Jumbo Stay, Sweden

Sleeping on a plane usually isn’t the most comfortable experience. However, you can sleep in the cockpit of a real jumbo jet on the ground at Jumbo Stay. The plane used for the unique experience was originally built for Singapore Airlines, but it’s now a hotel that offers a memorable experience at an affordable price. Remember, since you’re sleeping in a cockpit, there’s not much room for lots of stuff, but they are large enough for families. 

The Manta Resort, Tanzania

Wake up and watch reef fish swim by your room at The Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Tanzania. Here, you’ll stay on a floating structure with three levels. At sea level, you’ll have a landing deck with a bathroom and lounge, and at the top, you can lay in the sun all day or watch the stars at night. Then, sleep in a comfortable bed downstairs just under sea level with a 360-degree view of fish and other sea creatures like the manta ray. 

Treehotel, Sweden

If you enjoy the great outdoors and want to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure, pack your bags full of your best athletic gear and consider the Treehotel in Sweden. This hotel allows you to live among nature in the trees with rooms suspended above the ground for unique views.

The HI Jail Hostel, Canada

You’re a model citizen, but you can still spend the night in jail at The HI Jail Hostel in Ottawa, Canada. At this hotel, you can live in a dorm with other guests or get a single cell for an affordable price. In addition, every morning, guests receive breakfast and a tour of the jail. While these accommodations are small, they might be well worth the price for individuals just looking for a unique place to rest their heads at night. 

Finn Lough Resort, Ireland

Spend your free time in a bubble under the stars in Northern Ireland at the Finn Lough Resort, where you’ll stay in a clear dome in the forest. You’ll have a full view of the trees and sky with transparent walls on all sides, making it the perfect getaway for stargazers. 

Giraffe Manor, South Africa

Unique Accommodations for an Unforgettable Trip Giraffe Sticking Out Tongue

Feel like you’re a part of nature when you book your stay at Giraffe Manor in Cape Town, South Africa. Here you’ll get to meet giraffes that poke their heads through the windows while you’re eating breakfast and live right next to giraffes and other wildlife. 

IceHotel, Sweden

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in an igloo but didn’t think you were cut out for harsh weather conditions, you’ll love IceHotel in Sweden, which looks like a fancy art installation. During the day, the rooms in this hotel are part of a museum and transform into guest rooms at night. Of course, the rooms are cold since you’re in an ice hotel, but the beds are lined with reindeer fur and warm sleeping bags to keep you warm. 

Propeller Island, Germany

Propeller Island is a hotel with unique rooms. For example, there are rooms with coffin beds, a bath in a plastic bag, and those with mirrors from wall to wall. Some rooms even have slanted floors that make the bed look like it’s hovering above the floor. 

The Windmill Bed and Breakfast, United Kingdom

If you want the bed and breakfast experience with more of a thrill, consider checking into the Windmill in Scarborough, UK. This 18th-century hotel is a windmill with two suites in the tower. 

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

If you’d like to travel a little closer to home and love pets, consider going to the Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho. This famous hotel is shaped like a beagle and is a two-bedroom bed and breakfast with dog-centric contents and decorations. While sleeping in a giant beagle, you can still expect air conditioning, wifi, and free parking. In addition, you’ll receive a free breakfast, and you can bring Fido along for the excitement since this accommodation is pet friendly. 

Book and Bed, Japan 

Book lovers, rejoice! Book and Bed hotel, located in Tokyo, allows you to sleep on a bookshelf with all the reading materials you’ll ever need. This library offers books to suit any taste, and here you’ll find people from all over the world who love reading. 

Crane Hotel, Netherlands

Travelers with a daring side might check out the Faralda Crane, a luxury hotel 50 meters above the ground. The hotel has three 5-star suites that are uniquely furnished and have access to an incredible outdoor area with luxury patio furniture and jacuzzi. The Mystique suite overlooks the city of Amsterdam with a split level that’s spacious with sliding panels and a sleeping area with a gold ceiling and satin fabrics. 

Meanwhile, the Secret suite—the most expensive option—is a former machinery room that’s been restored and fully decorated to overlook Amerstam and feature soft colors, paintings, and design furniture. Another split level has a living area, sleeping area, and private bathroom. 

Unforgettable Travels with Eccentric Accommodations 

Traveling is easier than ever before. Our smartphones allow us to book lodgings, send money, and take beautiful pictures of our adventures, so why not take advantage of the ease of travel and find your next destination based on the accommodations? Many of the hotels on this list are located in cities and outdoor areas, so you can choose your own adventure and avoid overcrowded tourist destinations and boring hotels. 

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Unique Accommodations for an Unforgettable Trip Megan Isola

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