What To Cook Tonight

483 – What To Cook Tonight
483 – Meta Description:Need dinner ideas? Here are the top tips that will get you inspired and help you figure out what to cook tonight!

Women and men all over the world often ask themselves, what should I cook tonight? So here are some ways to figure out what seems to be a nagging puzzle when it comes to cooking.

Planning a meal with the food in the pantry

1. Check to see what you have in stock.
2. Think of all the different dishes that you could make with what you have.
3. Choose something to cook.

Assessing the food on hand

The first step is to find out what ingredients you have available, this will save you lots of time that is usually wasted trying to figure out what you feel like eating, or what you should or would like to cook. The reality is that you must do with what you have.

Checking what you have in stock can also give you ideas on what to cook.

Remember that this step should only take a few seconds, since you should be scanning your stock not inventorying it.

What dishes can you make?

Step two is the brainstorming portion of this four step process.

In this step you should quickly think what ingredients you have and what dishes could their combination make. If it is necessary you could brainstorm in a paper, or write down your options.

Choosing a meal for tonight

The third step is probably the hardest one, choosing what you actually are going to cook is the reason why you are undergoing these steps in the first place so it might be a little harder then the previous steps.

However, now that you have narrowed down your choices it should be easier to accomplish since you will have concise choices to make.

Menu planning before a shopping trip

1. Establish a budget
2. Decide what type of food you would like to eat; Asian, Cuban, etc.
3. Make a list of Ingredients and buy them.

Setting food budget limits

Even though for some people money is not an issue, most people’s food choices are affected by how much they can or want to spend, especially in today’s economy.

Therefore, before you go on to wondering what type of food you feel like eating establish a budget, how much would you like to spend on dinner? Once you have figured out your budget you can put it aside and come back to it later.

Consult recipes

You must decide what type of food you want to eat, if you have more than one type in mind narrow it down to something that you know how to cook.

But, if it is something that you don’t know how to cook, make sure that you get a recipe and become familiar with it.

Take into account your guests, if you are having any, do they like the type of food that you’re thinking of cooking? If not you may want to rethink your choices to save yourself a bad time.

Shop from a list

Once you have decided on a budget and type of food, check your stock to see what ingredients you are missing and make a list. Making a list is important, not only to make sure that you get everything you need, but also because listing the ingredients, with prices, can help you stay within budget.

Once your list is done, shopping will be a breeze and you can soon start making your desired dinner.

Bon Appetit!