Top 10 Reasons Why a Group Cruise Works For Everyone

If you have already been on a cruise once in your life, then you already know why they are such a wonderful value for the money. For your next cruise though, I’d like to suggest making it a group getaway. Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 reasons why a group cruise works for everyone.

  1. The number one reason to bring your pals or family along for a cruise is the financial savings. When you have a group of 10 people or more there is generally a group rate offered. However, this rate and the minimum number of people required to get it varies by cruise line. Call your travel agent for details.
  2. You’ll be less likely to sit with strangers at dinner. For large groups cruise lines generally seat you all together.
  3. Your savings could carry over to excursions. When your group is booking ask about group rates for excursions. Because tour guides want to book as many seats as possible, you might just get another deal!
  4. Custom excursions may be available to you. Depending on the size of your group, your cruise line might be able to put together a special excursion just for your party. For example, Royal Caribbean has been known to put together scavenger hunts, special dinners and private excursions not available to everyone on the cruise.
  5. You might get extra perks on board such as chocolates in your room, bottles of champagne or even a private cocktail party just for bringing your closest friends and family.
  6. On board entertainment is included and there are several options for what to do to be entertained. No more worrying about what to do outside of the excursions!
  7. The head of the group might get cash just for putting the trip together. There are some cruise lines that offer cash incentives, free cabins and additional discounts to the person in charge as a thank you for bringing them the business.
  8. It will be a fabulous bonding experience. Group cruises are ideal for family reunions and weddings because of this! They are also great for companies looking to boost employee morale.
  9. There will be something for everyone. Regardless of the type of trip the people in your group are hoping for, odds are at least one activity will speak to their interests.
  10. All the legwork will be handled for you. When planning a big group get together there are so many details that the hosts generally get “stuck” with. But, when you decide to do a cruise, all of the specifics are taken off your shoulders. I, along with the cruise line, will make the phone calls, arrange the travel accommodations, handle the payments, etc… You just get to show up and enjoy!